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Through the systematic application of the core competences – extrusion of vinyl window and door profiles, co-extrusion of coloured profiles, tool making and preparation of the dry blend for vinyl extrusion as well as the provision of marketing and advertising services – GEALAN Fenster-Systeme has become one of the leading vinyl window and door profile extruders in Europe.

Our Purchasing department's prime maxim is to strive for the greatest possible efficiency. By doing so we lay the foundation for successful market development and sustainable competitiveness.

Basics of GEALAN's purchasing policy

The core values of GEALAN – partnership, reliability and flexibility – manifest themselves accordingly in our relationships with our suppliers and customers. They are the cornerstones in a time of constant change.

The following parameters specifically apply:

  • Promotion of competition
  • International orientation
  • Development of long-term business relationships
  • Fairness and integrity
  • Equal opportunity through supplier evaluation
You can find the GEALAN terms and conditions of purchase here

Supplier relationships

The optimisation of material costs and information exchanges with suppliers is one of the central functions of our purchasing policy. To meet this challenge we need the cooperation of successful suppliers so that their know-how can be integrated into our products in the long run.

Our greatest priorities when it comes to our relationships with suppliers are as follows:

  • High quality of goods with optimum price/performance ratio
  • High reliability and adherence to delivery dates
  • Improved cost structure through continual review
  • Strong cooperation and service philosophy

Supplier strategy

Level 1: Series supplier

You meet our usual requirements for suppliers. Generally, you will receive an outline contract with a duration of twelve months. The business relationship will be reviewed annually.

Level 2: Preferred supplier

You have proven that you are a reliable series supplier and have optimised the business relationship through ideas for improvement that benefit both sides. We conclude a multi-year outline contract with you for larger volumes.

Level 3: Partner

You are a strategically important partner for us and bring technological know-how into the relationship. At the same time, you are involved in developing new products. We conclude a development contract with you that includes the corresponding delivery volume for the mutually developed product.

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