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Keynote: The digital future of the window industry

The future of the window industry is digital. Digitalisation is changing the entire value chain. This ranges from sales and planning to after-sales offers and maintenance based on digital product information. In addition, windows and doors with sensors are themselves part of digitalisation. Take a look at the exciting future of the window industry in our keynote speech with Dr. Jens-Uwe Meyer - a proven expert on the topics of innovation and digitalisation.

Accessibility: Thinking about tomorrow today

If you want to build appropriately for people of all ages and without barriers, there are a few things you need to consider: Door thresholds, for example, can at some point become an insurmountable obstacle. The window industry, too, can help shape the future and enable people to live longer in their own four walls. Barrier-free building experts and architects can help you to ensure that the entrances and entrances you plan to build are convenient and safe to access on a permanent basis. 

Sound insulation: R-value is the new U-value

Sound insulation is becoming increasingly important, especially in property development. Whereas in the past the thermal insulation value Uw was the main focus of interest when buying windows, this is increasingly changing as urban areas become more densely populated. Rising noise levels are bringing sound insulation into focus, and the R value is becoming a decisive processing and purchasing criterion. 
Well thought-out profile constructions and systems, however, enable individually tailored sound insulation. In this presentation, you will learn what sound insulation solutions GEALAN has at hand and how to plan and implement them optimally. 

Digital Planning: All from one (digital) cast

To digitalise the entire value chain around the window - this vision of GEALAN and Digital Building Solutions (DBS) we want to share with you in this presentation. Where do we stand, what tools and services are already available? In addition to detailed explanations, we will also venture a look into the future. And we will tell you how you too can successfully use digital planning from a single source for your own business. 

Ventilation: feel-good climate made easy

For residents, it is a factor of well-being and health, for builders it is a legal requirement - and for you it is an opportunity to expand your business: ventilation. Due to energetically more and more dense buildings, classic window ventilation is not always sufficient. Intelligent ventilation systems bring fresh air into the house - without you having to open a window. In this presentation we will introduce you to the basic principles, planning and installation of ventilation solutions. Find out how valuable intelligent ventilation can be.

Statics: technically on the safe side

The building authorities require proof of stability for structures of a certain size. Such a static check is therefore also legally regulated and obligatory for each window element. With its solutions, GEALAN always has an eye on the statics and offers numerous options, such as mullions and couplings that meet the legal requirements. This presentation supports you in your structural calculations and planning and puts you on the safe side when dealing with the authorities.

Design: In the eye of the beholder

Windows immediately catch the eye: as design elements they make a significant impression on the façade. Which requirements and decision criteria are incorporated into the design process and how are these implemented? This is what we want to examine in this lecture from three different perspectives: from the point of view of project developers, architects and window manufacturers. 

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