The new GEALAN magazine

There are many different ways to tell stories: we’ve chosen a traditional format for GEANOVA – our new GEALAN magazine. The first two issues of the print magazine looked at some exciting background topics from the company. Now, issue 3 is available.

The third issue is here!

What’s new, and what’s staying the same?

Issue 3 of GEANOVA once again features exciting – and above all authentic – stories. New is: our third issue is a whopping 60 pages! Packed with success stories, innovations and developments, as well as the challenges that our colleagues have to experience and overcome on a daily basis. We report on our German locations as well as our sites across Europe.

What’s staying the same: a high-quality magazine from the good old printer’s shop. Researched on site and worked up in interviews, it contains the latest, often personal insights behind the scenes internationally, looking at innovations, products and specialist departments, but above all the people behind GEALAN.

We are again delighted to offer you a physical copy of this new issue of GEANOVA, featuring exciting company news, personal insights into day-to-day business, authentic stories and superb photos.


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Reports, background stories and interviews on 60 exciting pages. Read GEANOVA in convenient online format. Use your smartphone, tablet or PC to browse a diverse range of insights into our company digitally.

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Order GEANOVA free of charge as a print magazine and you will soon be holding a paper copy in your hands. Simply fill in our contact form with your full postal address* in the pre-prepared order message.

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The stories in issue 3

What does the new GEANOVA have to offer? 60 pages packed with insights and various perspectives. On challenges in energy management, in raw materials procurement and with our environmental footprint. Featuring sustainable innovations, bridge-builders and values facilitators. Including GEALAN’s partners and all the people who tell these stories. A selection of our exciting topics in issue 3 of GEANOVA.


The first issue of GEANOVA also presents people and topics at GEALAN over 48 pages and offers even more insights into our company.



The second issue of GEANOVA dealt with contemporary communication, working closely with the customer and also innovative technology at the Tanna production site.

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