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GEALAN at the 2019 BAU trade fair

Fresh ideas for the 2019 BAU trade fair in Munich

Taking great strides forward in digitisation – that’s how you could describe GEALAN’s presence in Munich, at the world’s leading trade fair for architecture, materials and systems. Come and see us from 14 to 19 January 2019, at Stand 220, Hall C4. As well as focusing on digitisation – in terms of virtual reality, Smart Home and BIM (Building Information Modelling) – we are also shining a spotlight on new ideas from the product department.

At individually themed islands, our GEALAN trade fair team will tell you all about new GEALAN CAiRE ventilation system, GEALAN-SMOOVIO inline sliding system, and our GEALAN-LUMAXX® for more light, for example.

We look forward to seeing you!

A virtual look at our trade fair stand

Digital highlights to experience up-close

Taking a leading role: the GEALAN Dienstleistung GmbH (GDL) in-house advertising agency. GDL will be presenting its virtual reality software for window manufacturers – developed in-house – which can be adapted to design individual showrooms in line with the specific brand’s particular look and feel. The agency will also be showcasing its updated GEALAN tender and planning software 2.0 for architects. This software enables architects to plan windows and tenders reliably, while for window manufacturers it makes an important contribution when preparing an offer.

GEALAN virtual reality now available

There will be fantastic opportunities available to window manufacturers and dealers in future, thanks to the GEALAN customisable showroom. Here’s how it works: Put on your VR glasses, visit virtual living rooms, and experience all the possible facets of GEALAN windows! In a virtual living environment, salespeople can invite their customers to explore windows and doors in 3D via VR glasses; to change the colours, open them, and even pass through them. What better way to get customers excited about everything a product has to offer? The goal of the software is to support window sales using impressive virtual product experiences. The virtual showroom for windows is now also available to our customers.

GEALAN planning software 2.0 and BIM

From 2019, with the further development of the in-house-developed GEALAN planning software 2.0, architects will themselves be able to generate all window types in all profile systems in the Revit® BIM format based entirely on their preferences, and insert them into the software using a plug-in. Furthermore, this is all free of charge – which is almost unique in Germany. Despite the fact that Building Information Modelling facilitates construction processes, simulations for the design of technical systems, the detection of geometric conflicts, and comprehensive cost management, it is not yet particularly widely used in Germany. Nevertheless, architects and planners are already requesting windows as family data in Revit®, so the BIM expert team at GEALAN is driving forward work on important program functions.

The intelligent chip for the window frame.

Digitisation has many facets at GEALAN, particularly Intelligent Product Solutions (IPS) such as the IPS chip – which will close another analogue hole in the window construction industry in the context of Industry 4.0. The target group here is made up of window manufacturers, dealers, and fitters. In the windows sector, challenges sometimes the solution is just a few centimetres: barely larger than a USB stick, the IPS chip links a window element with window- and object-related data, such as the data manufacturer, location, the components used, and installation specifications.

System highlights

GEALAN Hafen City Fenster

The GEALAN Port City Window: a highlight at the trade fair

GEALAN CAiRE. The product management team has a complete ventilation portfolio in the planning pipeline for 2019. GEALAN has already embraced passive ventilation systems, and now – in addition to improving these – it is also turning to active systems. New products are gaining attention, such as the integration of an advanced rebate ventilator into the GEALAN range. In active ventilation, the focus is on systems that offer heat recovery. What unites this technology is its Smart Home capability.

GEALAN-SMOOVIO. The dream of space in the big city. Whether it’s Munich, Paris, or Berlin, prices per square foot are rising in major cities. In this situation, quality of life is improved through the optimum use of available space. The turning, swivelling, and lifting functions of traditional opening elements are no longer required, which makes it possible to also use the space in front of windows or doors. Read more about our GEALAN-SMOOVIO inline sliding system »

GEALAN Port City Window. It achieves a sound insulation value of up to 63 dB when closed, which is even better than the sound insulation levels achieved with traditional windows and sound insulation glass, which can attain values up to 48 dB. Even when the window is partially open, the GEALAN system still achieves sound insulation of up to 34 dB – for which it has received the best ift certification rating.

GEALAN-LUMAXX®. The GEALAN-LUMAXX®, the profile combination from the S 9000 system, is composed with particularly slender sight lines. It increases the proportion of glass and therefore the amount of light that passes through the window by up to 25%. Large-format window elements make rooms feel light and airy, which has made them a defining element in contemporary architecture. This effect is supported by narrow profiles, which make windows seem subjectively larger, and change the proportion of glass to frame. Read more about the GEALAN-LUMAXX®»

GEALAN-KUBUS® fulfils the demands of contemporary architecture. The premium system from GEALAN is used in demanding construction projects throughout Europe. It defines a new design language for plastic windows in architecture. It offers large expanses of glass for more light and transparency, and greater design freedom. Rear more about the GEALAN-KUBUS®»


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