GEALAN-LINEAR - Optical perfection with optimum values

The GEALAN-LINEAR is a 74-80 mm system, balanced in every detail, for the highest demands on modern windows with respect to workability and storage.

The window manufacturer will appreciate the high stability, thanks to the optional bonding technology with the GEALAN innovation STV®. The system is also optimally prepared for machine bonding of glass.

The house builder or homeowner, will notice the design: The profile is based on a consistently linear design language, which is currently setting the tone in architecture. A range of glazing beads matching the design supports the concept. Narrow face widths in the frame and sash of the new system also provide more light in the building. This is important both for new buildings and for renovation projects.

On the thermal insulation side, the system achieves values on a competitive level; it will be available with GEALAN-IKD®. Within the GEALAN portfolio, it complements GEALAN S 8000 IQ and GEALAN S 9000 and is fully compatible with existing products.

Product advantages

  • Slim 74mm construction depth in a straight-line design for the individual demand on modern architecture
  • Narrow view widths
  • High stability thanks to generous steel reinforcements and GEALAN STV®.
  • Maximum glass thickness of 48 mm with seal and 50 mm with GEALAN STV®.
  • Wide range of products for windows, french doors and front doors
  • Perfect for renovations, refurbishments and new buildings - lasting value and durability
  • RealWood - Wood decor foils for an individual coating in haptics and optics
  • Fully compatible with existing accessory products of 74 mm installation depth, IKD® compatible

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