Preliminary report Fensterbau Frontale 2020


GEALAN points the way to the future with smart ideas, thinking products and smart windows. These are digital solutions that let the window trade talk to each other from planning to installation.

  • Intelligent products - Digital solutions
  • 40 years acrylcolor - Unique surfaces
  • All-round talent GEALAN S 9000
  • GEALAN-LINEAR Evolution in the 74-80 mm segment
  • GEALAN Hafen-City-Fenster® - Motorised opening
  • GEALAN-COMFORT - Floor-level comfort
  • GEALAN-KUBUS® - Modern architecture
  • GEALAN-SMOOVIO - Mechanical corner joint
  • News for the Netherlands France and Italy
  • GEALAN Sustainability - Certified throughout Europe

Intelligent products - Digital solutions
GEALAN points the way to the future with smart ideas, thinking products and smart windows. These are digital solutions that let the window trade talk to each other from planning to installation. At the world's leading trade fair for windows, doors and facades, the FENSTERBAU FRONTALE from 18 - 21 March 2020 in Hall 5, Stand 203, GEALAN will show national and international industry experts in Nuremberg Innovation with System. VEKA and GEALAN are the only system houses in Germany to offer their product portfolio completely in BIM (Building Information Modelling) file formats. Potential challenges in planning, such as load transfer into the building structure or correct design of sound insulation, can now be automatically determined and checked. The interfaces between planners, window manufacturers and fitters are also increasingly being closed with new applications for tablet or smartphone, such as a measurement and price calculation app. This creates a digital value chain from the first thought of a product to the homeowner who is digitally reminded of window maintenance.

In addition, there is a new product line for security: GEALAN-SENSE. Window sensors against burglars, which can be installed invisibly and easily, regardless of the hardware, regardless of the window profile. To the security aspect, GEALAN adds the idea of the window's digital memory. With the in-house development of the IPS chip, manufacturers and installers can communicate digitally through the window. The digital concept for Fensterbau Frontale is rounded out by the smart home capability of the new GEALAN-CAIRE® ventilation family. The smart new products can be tried out on the ventilation solutions GEALAN-CAIRE® smart and other exhibits. In cooperation with our parent company VEKA AG, the "digital toolbox" can be experienced live: At the VEKA AG trade fair stand in hall 6, stand 153 and the GEALAN stand in hall 5, stand 203.

he visual focal point of the fair will be the GEALAN unique selling point. GEALAN acrylcolor celebrates 40 years of fascination in colour and durability. Distributed like a colour fan, the captivating elegance of the surface, inextricably linked to the window profiles, can be discovered anywhere on the GEALAN booth. For example, the GEALAN S 9000, the most successful system since its inception, a complete system platform that offers a high potential for differentiation, but also unites all GEALAN innovations in one product, as is the case with the GEALAN-FUTURA or GEALAN-KUBUS® systems. Brand new in the portfolio: GEALAN-LINEAR, a groundbreaking development in the area of 74mm profile systems. GEALAN will showcase accessory developments based on the S 9000 in its own system worlds for sound insulation: GEALAN-HAFEN-CITY-WINDOWS® and accessibility: GEALAN-COMFORT. Sustainability has played a role at GEALAN for over 30 years, and since the end of last year it has been confirmed throughout Europe with the Vinyl-Plus® certification. The new development of the GEALAN-CAIRE® ventilation family also sets the tone with this theme.

GEALAN-CAIRE® solutions handle ventilation professionally and reliably - regardless of the user. They meet all legal norms up to KFW eligibility and maintain property values. As decentralised systems, they minimise installation effort and costs. As decentralised as the systems are, as centralised they can be smartly controlled: Control will be possible with GEALAN Home. What ventilation means will be demonstrated in a presentation room in Nuremberg with the example of reducing the CO2 content of the air. GEALAN-CAIRE® means clever ventilation - well thought-out, effective, energy-efficient.

All-round talent GEALAN S 9000
With the 100,000 profile kilometres produced since the company was founded, GEALAN S 9000 could wrap the earth twice. This makes GEALAN S 9000, as a complete profile system, the most successfully tested and developed system from GEALAN. It can combine all GEALAN innovations such as STV® and IKD® according to the maxim: innovation with system in one platform. The solutions as windows, front doors or lift and slide doors achieve a high degree of differentiation in the market, for example, through a wide variety of frame and sash variations in one basic system - completely finished in acrylcolor. Also important for window manufacturers are the possibilities for reducing complexity within the S 9000 platform.

GEALAN-LINEAR Evolution in the 74-80 mm segment
As a complement to the S 9000 platform, GEALAN is introducing the industry to the balanced profiles in 74mm depth for the highest demands on modern windows. The design is based on an angular form language that sets the tone in architecture. Safety and soundproofing performance values and a maximum glass thickness of 48 mm or 50 mm with STV® round out the versatility of GEALAN-LINEAR.

GEALAN Hafen-City-Fenster® windows
On the market since the beginning of 2019, and after initial applications in northern Germany, GEALAN is showing the GEALAN Hafen-City-Fenster® at the Fensterbau Frontale 2020 as a version in S 9000 with a motorised opening solution. Especially in the peripheral areas of railways or along busy thoroughfares, the noise level from traffic is sometimes unbearably high. To reduce this noise without sacrificing a healthy indoor climate, GEALAN has developed the GEALAN Hafen-City-Fenster®.

A new addition to the GEALAN S 9000 programme is the floor-level threshold solution GEALAN-COMFORT for house and balcony doors. With this, GEALAN is taking up the trend towards barrier-free construction, which is supported by government subsidies due to demographic change. Standard thresholds that are already in the programme can be redesigned to be barrier-free with little effort, gaining the comfort of a floor-level threshold.

The focus in the development of the GEALAN-KUBUS® window system was placed on consistent design, to offer customers beautiful windows with real distinguishing features. For this reason, the design process completely dispensed with seals on the frame. This gave rise to the challenging task of integrating the different functions of the glass seal and frame stop seal in one seal cross-section. In addition, with the glazing concept of GEALAN-KUBUS®, which does not use classic glazing beads, the seal must be securely and practically installed on the finished window element after glazing. A current example: for a housing project in Kassel, the last GEALAN-KUBUS® elements were manufactured in December 2019.

An extension in the GEALAN-SMOOVIO sliding system for windows and doors will be on display at the fair with a mechanical corner joint. Using two exhibits, GEALAN will show an additional range of hardware solutions in addition to this production alternative. With GEALAN-SMOOVIO, the turning, pivoting and lifting functions of conventional opening elements are eliminated, allowing the space in front of windows or doors to be used additionally. In addition to residential construction, this is especially advantageous for hotels or public institutions. The all-round external seal, against which the system sash is pressed using intelligent hardware technology, plays a decisive role. This transfers the sealing principle of classic turn-tilt elements to sliding solutions. The results are high sealing values and convenient operation of the elements.

News for the Netherlands, France and Italy
The S 9000 system platform is also the focus of GEALAN's new developments for the Dutch market. Successfully introduced in the Netherlands several years ago, GEALAN is one of the few system houses to offer a complete product line for the Dutch market with three sealing levels throughout. At the trade fair, a new frame concept will be presented, unique on the market, as a product supplement for new construction with a modern design in a slim view. The face width of the typical block frame is reduced by a new principle in the construction connection, the classic external stop is no longer required. In combination with sashes from the GEALAN-LUMAXX system, this creates a trend-setting window design.

To coincide with acrylcolor's 40th anniversary, France will launch the so-called monoblock frame (dormant large) with acrylcolor surface technology. With this technological advancement based on the S 8000, the GEALAN team France is expanding its portfolio.

Italy presents a concept of new renovation frames in GEALAN S 9000 plus, using the synergy advantages of the S 9000 system platform for its clients. S 9000 plus offers window manufacturers the opportunity to create their own window concept within a system family, thanks to the stable centre seal web.

GEALAN sustainability - certified throughout Europe
Recycling has priority over incineration. As the European PVC industry's voluntary commitment to sustainable business, the VinylPlus® initiative sets concrete recycling targets and actively supports the European PVC industry's sustainability goals. GEALAN is a long-standing partner of the largest European recycling initiative VinylPlus® and has been certified since the end of 2019 according to the sustainability criteria set by VinylPlus®.

As an internationally oriented group of companies with over 1400 employees and annual revenues of about € 240 million, GEALAN is one of the leading manufacturers of vinyl profiles for windows and doors in Europe. The largest locations are Oberkotzau (Bavaria) with over 300 employees and Tanna (Thuringia) with more than 550 employees.

The headquarters of the GEALAN corporate group is Oberkotzau in Upper Franconia. Here are located central departments such as product management, sales, construction and administration, as well as the company's own tool shop and technology centre, where product innovations are developed to marketability.

At the German production and logistics site in Tanna (Thuringia), around 35 million meters of plastic profiles are produced annually and logistically coordinated on over 50,000 square meters of storage space. Due to the good competitive situation, this location is also constantly being expanded.

Intelligent solutions can be found in every single metre of GEALAN plastic profiles. They are used to create high-quality windows and doors that are appreciated by architects, building owners and window manufacturers throughout Europe. GEALAN is also a leader in the digital sector: whether in the provision of digital building data or in the digitalisation of the cooperation between manufacturer, dealer and installer.

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The GEALAN corporate group is of Europe's leading manufacturers of vinyl profiles for windows and doors.

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