Comfortable threshold

Comfortable and impermeable passage through inside and outside

The reliable threshold for house and balcony door elements is a useful addition to the GEALAN product range. It can be used flexibly in all 74 mm and 82.5 mm systems for renovation and new construction, and its low height of only 20 mm allows for a comfortable transition from inside to outside. At the same time, it meets the requirements for thermal insulation and watertightness.

Benefits at a glance

Convenient transition

With a height of only 20 mm, the threshold ensures an easy transition. Additional measures are not necessary during installation. With balcony doors, the strike plate parts are flush with the threshold - tripping hazards are a thing of the past.

Heat insulation

Outstanding thermal separation, including in the vicinity of the strike plates, thanks to the integrated solution comprising aluminium and PVC. Very good isothermic profile to reduce the risk of formation of condensation or thermal bridges.


High stability thanks to optimised distribution between PVC and aluminium components. Firm bond produced by the PVC and aluminium parts engaging on two planes.


Simplified, stable installation thanks to screw channels in the threshold and a wide range of matching threshold connectors.

Secured for transport

A protective film protects the threshold against transport and installation damage during the construction phase.


Compatible with all GEALAN systems with 74 mm and 82.5 mm installation depth. Suitable for balcony doors and front doors.


In the lower joint area, the threshold can be combined with various additional profiles from the GEALAN programme.


Avoid stumbling blocks

Easy for all
While steps, door thresholds or higher handles are invisible and difficult to imagine hurdles for young and healthy people, older people may find them an uncomfortable barrier. This also means that they are insurmountable obstacles for people with disabilities.

That's why it's important to plan ahead when building a house and to keep an eye on how you will be able to move freely and safely in your home environment in the future. Regardless of whether these considerations ultimately involve alternatives to staircases or individual steps, low threshold solutions or particularly accessible and smooth-running or even automatic or remote-controlled elements. Consider stumbling blocks of tomorrow today.

The GEALAN combination threshold

First-class threshold solution, outstanding heat insulation

The new ground threshold for front door and balcony elements is a key addition to the GEALAN product range. It can be flexibly used in all 74 mm and 82.5 mm systems for renovations and new builds and permits a barrier-free transition from the inside to the outside, while also meeting the requirements for heat insulation and impermeability.


The GEALAN front door and balcony threshold

Benefits of the front door and balcony threshold

• Excellent heat insulation – optimal isothermic profile
• Hardware for the balcony and door designs with two wings are set flush­ into the threshold
• All installation types are possible (installation between frames or fitted underneath)
• Threshold compatible with all systems with installation depth of 74 mm or 82.5 mm
• Good protection against driving rain thanks to a specially shaped outer cover plate as well as multiple sealing levels
• Threshold cover plate covers the mounting screws in the rebate base

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