Burglary protection with intelligent window sensors

Strong burglary protection does not have to be expensive or elaborate. The GEALAN-SENSE® product series is a solution that usually scares off burglars before an actual burglary even occurs and which can easily be retrofitted in private homes. The GEALAN-SENSE® security sensors are available in various versions.

Security that counts

Protect your home from break-ins with GEALAN window sensors!

Protection and security are basic human needs. Feeling comfortable and protected in your own four walls shouldn't be left to chance. The GEALAN-SENSE® product range offers easy-to-retrofit solutions for all GEALAN window profiles, regardless of the fittings. If a burglar tries to forcefully gain access to your home through a window, the GEALAN-SENSE® triggers an alarm.

A closer look at the security systems

GEALAN-SENSE® safety sensors are available in two different versions.

GEALAN-SENSE® window | Opening sensor

The invisible GEALAN-SENSE® window opening sensor consists of two parts: a status sensor and a magnet. 

The status sensor is mounted in a concealed position on the window casement’s fitting and records the position of the window handle. The magnet is mounted in the window frame’s rebate and detects the position of the window. 

This combination triggers a loud alarm via the integrated alarm transmitter as soon as the window is pried open during an attempted break-in.

GEALAN-SENSE® glass | Glass breakage sensor

If intruders try to break the window to enter the house, a glass breakage sensor visibly mounted on the window immediately emits an audible alarm. 

An LED can be activated on the sensor as a preventive function. This flashes red at an interval of 60 seconds and signals that the window is being monitored. 

In the near future, GEALAN-SENSE® sensors will be able to be connected wirelessly to a smart home control systems. This will allow this security items to be combined with other home security systems and the status of windows and doors to be monitored via mobile devices.

Product features

GEALAN-SENSE® window | Opening sensor

• Pry-open alarm (siren 110 dB)
• Independent of the fittings
• Independent of the window profile
• Concealed
• Long maintenance-free service life: battery only needs to be replaced after 5–6 years
• Easy installation
• Central alerting


GEALAN-SENSE® glass | Glass breakage sensor

• Alarm when breaking the window (siren 110 dB)
• Only reacts to special frequencies that arise when glass breaks
• Independent of the fittings or window profile
• Relatively small, but robust security sensor
• Long maintenance-free service life: battery only needs to be replaced after 5–6 years
• Easy installation
• Central alerting


For both the GEALAN-SENSE® window system opening sensor and the GEALAN-SENSE® glass breakage sensor, the modules are easily affixed to the window casement or onto the pane. Screwing on is not necessary with either solution. Moreover, apart from the tools supplied, no additional material is required for installation.

Simple, illustrated QuickStart guides can be found for both products in the downloads on this page.

Click here for the GEALAN-SENSE® installation page with detailed step-by-step instructions and detailed assembly videos:


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