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GEALAN RAE plus roller shutter head box


GEALAN's RAE plus roller shutter head box leaves nothing to be desired in terms of living comfort. It offers effective protection against sunlight and bright light as well as prying eyes and uninvited guests. It keeps the heat in and therefore maintains a comfortable atmosphere on cold winter days. The easy-care, light- and weather-resistant material of the head box keeps it looking good for longer.


The GEALAN RAE plus roller shutter head box is quick and easy to install. The window and roller shutter box form a harmonious unit that can be installed anywhere, whether in a new build or a renovation. The GEALAN roller shutter box, which comes in 155 mm, 195 mm and 245 mm sizes, also meets the heat insulation requirements set out in the German Energy Saving Ordinance and so helps to save costs.

1 Fly screen (optionally integrated and retrofittable)
2 Particularly high heat and sound insulation
3 High stability thanks to very thick walls
4 Choice of vinyl or aluminium armour
5 Maintenance opening underneath or to the rear

Choice of operation mechanisms (strap, winder or motor)

Further enhance your living comfort with the optional motor and electronic controllers.

GEALAN folding shutter system


The GEALAN folding shutter system adds an attractive touch to façades. It comes in a range of shapes and colours to blend seamlessly into any architecture and add a stylish accent. It also provides protection against wind and weather, strong sunlight and prying eyes. GEALAN folding shutters come with a choice of fixed or movable slats. If you want to vary the amount of light entering the building, choose folding shutters with movable slats. If, on the other hand, you want to stop any light getting in, choose a closed variant with filler profiles.


The GEALAN folding shutter system made from vinyl profiles offers all the benefits of this age- and weather-resistant material. They include good light and UV resistance. The system also has a smooth and easy-care surface to make cleaning easier. Foldings shutters, especially coloured shutters in regions with lots of sunlight, need excellent stability. GEALAN accomplishes this by deliberately using profiles with thick walls and large steel stiffening elements for its folding shutter system.