About our campaign

“We create the frame” – this isn’t just the title of the current GEALAN campaign, but also describes the journey there: WE, i.e. the GEALANis, feature in photo scenes and commercials and thus create the framework for this campaign ourselves.

What’s behind it?

It should be authentic – we want to convey GEALAN in our new videos and images without using actors or having to book photo models: because WE’RE GEALAN!

Who could describe our goals better, explain our products better, explain our service more credibly than we GEALAN employees ourselves?

The idea

In times when people were meeting almost exclusively virtually due to the coronavirus pandemic, the ideas behind “We create the frame” were born. Heads spin in online meetings, ideas are collected across departments and national borders. First drafts are presented to manufacturers, dealers, architects, retailers and end customers – we want to know: do people understand our message? Is that really us?

It quickly became clear: we need this external perspective – with feedback from critical partners and lots of constructive colleagues, the common thread of the campaign is finally created: on the one hand, we want to show in everyday images what a decisive value our PVC profiles have. On the other, GEALAN also has the framework beyond the product view ready: reliable services, digital tools, customised added-value concepts, expert advice and training make us more than just a profile supplier. “What would the world be without frames” is then the decisive, ambiguous question that leads us to our campaign motifs.

Regional and simply us

In summer 2021, the region around GEALAN’s two German sites in Oberkotzau and Tanna isn’t safe from cameras. Flashing lights, red shooting lamps and whirring drones in local gardens, over local sports fields and landscapes or at processors in the immediate vicinity are all things that give away the fact that the next campaign motifs will soon be in the can.

There’s hardly anyone in the company who isn’t involved in some way in the new videos and photos. Contacts and locations are arranged, products and props are procured, lunch packages are brought over, pools are made available, entire houses are prepared as photo locations. Or you simply peek over the shoulders of the cameramen and amateur actors on set and in this way experience GEALAN’s project at first hand.


Thanks to everyone who helped get this campaign off the ground!

Thanks to those who contributed their ideas. To those who then rejected them and helped adapt them. Thanks to the many critics, without whom we might have gone in the wrong direction. Those who designed the scenarios and sets and gave thought to procedures on shooting days also helped. And then there were the people who for the most part spent hours in front of or behind the camera. Those who filled pools with water umpteen times, dropped goal nets on command, made sandwiches, and loaded and unloaded cars!

You all created the framework without which this campaign wouldn’t have been possible!

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©2022 GEALAN Fenster-Systeme GmbH