GEALAN makes your vision a reality

When ideas take shape: GEALAN has product and system solutions that you need to design your properties – whether for new construction, conversion or renovation. With windows and doors made of high-quality GEALAN PVC profiles, we offer customised solutions for your project.

Your project – our GEALAN solution

We create the frame for your implementations: no matter whether you’re planning entire apartment blocks, renovating a residential building or gutting a factory and renovating it from the ground up: GEALAN will make your vision a reality.

GEALAN develops, manufactures and distributes high-quality PVC profiles for windows and doors – with more than 50 years of experience from Germany. Our partners, the window construction companies, manufacture PVC windows and doors from our profiles for your building project. As a system provider, we take on any architectural challenge and are happy to advise you directly and first-hand.

Designing cutting-edge new buildings – we have the latest design trends at the ready. Renovating old buildings – a breeze with our technically outstanding GEALAN systems for narrow installation depths. You have technical and structural specifications – and we have the right solution for you.

You’d like window systems that meet the highest demands? GEALAN enables you to have premium PVC windows for any area or requirement, because GEALAN doesn’t just give windows a frame – we set trends in PVC windows, in both their design and function. No matter whether it’s a clear edge in appearance, slim views and lots of glass, particularly soundproofed and extremely well insulated, or optimised in terms of statics: with GEALAN, these innovations come as standard. Robust surfaces and large glass areas, the best sound and heat insulation values – all this is already included in your GEALAN profile.  

Surface design to inspire you

Whether colour, shape or technical merits: GEALAN has the right solution in our toolbox for all your ideas. Let us inspire you – and we’ll turn your vision into reality.

GEALAN-acrylcolor®: The better surface

The benefits of PVC windows using GEALAN-acrylcolor® cannot be denied: The surface finish made of acrylic glass is extremely durable, weatherproof and robust like no other. Absolutely colourfast at the same time and available in a remarkably wide range of colours that even includes refined metallic shades. Only GEALAN-acrylcolor® offers this.

Wide range of applications

Surfaces in GEALAN-acrylcolor® are available in all system installation depths. Whether historic old buildings or modern cubic architecture; whether windows, front doors, balcony doors or sliding solutions; even country systems for the Netherlands, France, Italy and Spain are finished with GEALAN-acrylcolor® as standard.

Broad colour palette

The GEALAN-acrylcolor® colour range has been constantly adapted, optimised and expanded to meet market trends. Even the standard colours include nine shades, from deep black to anthracite grey. Particularly technically demanding metallic colours also come as standard. Trend colours such as DB703 and silver are worth mentioning as well. In addition, GEALAN-acrylcolor® makes over 50 other specialty colours possible on a property-related basis: from white aluminium to purple.

Combination with foils possible

You want to plan using GEALAN-acrylcolor® windows that harmonise on the inside in terms of colour? No worries! Because GEALAN works with a laminating technique that makes the spectrum of available colour combinations almost limitless. Almost any variation is possible. There is the option as well of combining GEALAN-acrylcolor® on the outside with wood or decorative foil on the inside.

Long-lasting and sustainable

Besides excellent material properties and aesthetic aspects, GEALAN-acrylcolor® also impresses in terms of sustainability. GEALAN’s core competencies include coextrusion – the process in which acrylic (PMMA) and PVC are fused inseparably. This recently underwent further development: in the tri-extrusion method, it’s now possible to add not only PMMA and PVC, but also recyclate as a third material. In this way, profiles can be manufactured with a recycled core and first-class surfaces. This makes these extremely long-lasting, up to 100% recyclable PVC windows even more sustainable, as they are more resource-efficient. The profiles, featuring a GEALAN-acrylcolor® surface, are naturally 100% recyclable as well.

Our design highlight #1: GEALAN-LUMAXX®

With GEALAN-LUMAXX® in the S 9000 system, slim views can finally be realised without having to compromise in terms of ease of use and safety. This system combination is significantly narrower than previous frame combinations. In the past, mullion or post constructions often required a width of up to 150 mm or more. Unsightly, bulky beams interrupted the window silhouette, allowing much less light into the room. In comparison, GEALAN-LUMAXX® now allows for significantly narrower visible widths of 103 mm in the frame and sash and 106 mm in the mullion. Perfect as well for stylish renovations: heritage conservation requirements, such as narrow visible widths of sash and mullion and invisible lower drainage slots, can be met in the best possible way.


Our design highlight #2: GEALAN-KUBUS®

The GEALAN-KUBUS® all-glass system defines a new, cutting-edge design vocabulary for PVC windows in architecture. Thanks to large glass surfaces, more light and transparency open up new design possibilities.

The design-oriented GEALAN-KUBUS® window system opens up maximum design possibilities and thus new perspectives for architects. Whether with a 100% visible, semi-concealed or almost invisible frame – proportions are created which leave an impression.

Indoors, this design-oriented system convinces with a flush-fitting look free of gaps, while outside the 90° overlap makes for a harmonious overall appearance.

Our design highlight #3: GEALAN-LINEAR®

GEALAN-LINEAR®’s clear-cut, angular design has a refreshingly timeless effect and is in keeping with contemporary architectural language. Particularly in new buildings, angular forms and distinct lines determine the trend towards open and calmly designed facades. Its narrow construction depth of 74 mm is suitable for a wide range of building projects as well as in the renovation sector.

The system is based on a consistent, linear design language. A range of matching glazing strips continues the exterior elevation’s consistent design – on the room side of the windows as well. Narrow visible widths in the frame and sash provide more light in the buildings.

Additional window-related solutions – GEALAN-CAIRE®

Intelligent ventilation solutions directly at your window

Traditional window ventilation alone no longer meets today’s ventilation standards. The decentralised systems offered by GEALAN-CAIRE® provide the right solution for your individual needs – well thought-out, powerful and energy-efficient.

Ventilation systems from the GEALAN-CAIRE® family provide your customer with clear added value at their window – and you as a planner with a valuable design option. Because you already have the air exchange in mind with your window planning.

Use our Planersoftware 2.0 professional tool to create a ventilation concept step-by-step.

A ventilation concept determines how a residential building or home is ventilated. When you’re commissioned to create a ventilation concept, your client wants to determine whether an additional ventilation measure, in addition to windows, is required. In Germany, a ventilation concept based on ventilation standard DIN 1946-6 requirements is usually designed for this purpose.

Further details can be found at this link »

GEALAN can be used to integrate active fans with heat recovery as well as passive fans for mould prevention directly at your window. Regardless of whether you want to install a smart variant that can be conveniently controlled via an app, or your focus is on simple, low-maintenance additional ventilation – GEALAN provides a suitable one-stop solution for your planning.

Additional window-related solutions – GEALAN-SENSE®

Burglary protection using intelligent window sensors

Burglars often enter houses and flats through windows. Strong burglary protection needn’t be expensive or elaborate. The GEALAN-SENSE® product series is a solution that usually scares off burglars before a break-in even occurs and which can easily be retrofitted in private homes.

GEALAN-SENSE® security sensors are available in various designs. Both the GEALAN-SENSE® window opening sensor and the GEALAN-SENSE® glass breakage sensor can be mounted invisibly in the window casement or on the window pane in just a few steps. Both safety sensors thus provide the window you’re planning with an added advantage.


Our product highlights in a video

You’d like to experience our GEALAN solutions and their benefits even more tangibly? Then follow us to GEALAN Smart City – there we’ve collected selected product highlights and present them to you in a video with all the details worth knowing.


Advice and targeted support

Architectural Advice Service

Do you need some advice on window variants, combination options and individual design during the planning phase? GEALAN’s Architectural Advice Service is very familiar with window designs. Our experts can give advice and support on renovation and new construction projects – from the planning stage to the awarding of contracts. When it comes to realising a property’s technical and visual requirements, GEALAN’s construction engineers work closely with you as the architect responsible for planning.

Helpful GEALAN tools

Let our professional tools support you in your planning!

Planersoftware 2.0: It not only provides certified planning security for every aspect of window systems. It also supplies a detailed overview of GEALAN’s product range, including all its variants, technical characteristics and special features.

Contact partner for all Planersoftware 2.0 matters

Thomas Junghans

Phone +49 (0) 92 86 / 77-42 30
Fax +49 (0)  92 86 / 77-41 41




BIM: With GEALAN’s award-winning BIM offer, a realistic simulation with the latest products in various levels of detail is possible. For this purpose, both predefined window and door elements as well as those that can be freely planned in terms of type and shape are available to you.

Contact partner for all BIM-related matters

Özkan Arslan

Phone +49 (0) 92 86 / 77-41 55
Mobile +49 (0)  1 51 / 22 94 28 89

The creative minds behind our products

What would the world be without the people behind GEALAN frames?

Our products are more than just lots of GEALAN expertise from a wide range of fields – our product management is constantly developing new solutions in collaboration with our partners. The objective: Being able to offer you just the right products with our profiles that help you transform your vision into a reality.

Modern facades with clear, angular windows and doors in trendy colours are in both in project and residential construction. So that you can plan with us, we’ve got the perfect solutions ready for you: Our premium all-glass system GEALAN-KUBUS® enables maximum glass proportions with the narrowest profile views and is no doubt a design-oriented eye-catcher. Our new 74 mm all-rounder GEALAN-LINEAR® creates modern facades with linear windows and clear-cut edges.

So that you can design your visions in modern colours, we have our finger on the pulse of the time: Besides darker tones, different metallic colours are now also gaining in popularity. Possible with our surface technology GEALAN-acrylcolor®, for example – available in the GEALAN-KUBUS® system or our proven combined system S 9000.

After over 40 years, we at GEALAN continue to invest in our proven technology. For us, it’s important to have a good feel for colour trends and to keep developing new colour innovations. Our GEALAN-acrylcolor® surface not only reliably refines window and door frames – it is always up-to-date in terms of architectural trends, too.

We take care of the big picture so you can plan with peace of mind. No matter whether soundproofed and extremely well insulated, or optimised in terms of statics: We have these innovations as standard. Robust surfaces and large glass areas, the best sound and heat insulation values – all this is already included in your GEALAN profile. And we have matching solutions for you when it comes to plastic frames too: Innovative ventilation systems for new construction and renovation perfect your project.

Questions or suggestions? Feel free to contact us!

Our GEALAN ACADEMY allows you to share your knowledge and join in fruitful discussions. There, we regularly offer training on current topics in the window industry. And we look forward to inspiring exchange with you.

We create the right frame for every project for you.

Your GEALAN Product Management


We’re there for you:

GEALAN product management always has the perfect solutions in mind with you and for you:  André Wünsche (Division Manager for Product Management), Andreas Linke (Group Manager for Product Management/GEALAN ACADEMY), Michael Militzer (Group Manager for Innovation/Electronics), Frank Ganick (Product Manager), Johannes Korthals (Product Manager), Martin Lutz (Head of GEALAN ACADEMY), Franziska Rauch (Clerk Product Management Innovation/Electronics), Sabine Stelzel (Clerk Product Management).

We create the frame

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