2nd International Futureforum 2019


At the 2nd International Future Forum in Oberkotzau at the beginning of August, GEALAN was able to welcome nearly 200 clients from over a dozen European countries. The central point of the two-day programme: the European window market in digital change. And, as in the last Future Forum, GEALAN gave its clients fresh insights into product development.

Another focus was the guided tours of the technology center in Oberkotzau and the plant in Tanna. The individual departments alternately presented the current status of their work and their vision of the future. During these seminars, three expert presentations met with a particularly good response: the product development of the new GEALAN ventilation family: GEALAN-CAIRE® and the further development of the in-house planning software 2.0 and how it can be integrated into the building information modelling (BIM) software. The third topic revolved around the so-called IPS chip. This is a tiny chip that can be installed in the window frame and stores information for manufacturers, fitters and end users and can be read out easily using a mobile phone app.

Cultural highlight this year as well: A visit to the Hofer Volksfest. With this, GEALAN is strengthening its commitment to the region. For two years now, GEALAN has no longer been inviting guests to the Munich Oktoberfest, but as one of the largest participants, is supporting the "Day of Businesses" in the marquee of the folk festival in Hof/Saale. By the way: a special attraction of the festival would not have been possible without GEALAN: The climbing tree in the marquee. Because of a lack of skilled mountaineering personnel, GEALAN flew in the long-time Hof climbing tree expert Florian Pültz from India. Pültz was there precisely because he was studying abroad.

Linda Muck


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