3rd National GEALAN Future Forum

Innovation with system. GEALAN looks at the German window manufacturing industry. Nearly 70 visitors from all parts of Germany gathered in the Freiheitshalle in the Bavarian city of Hof to discuss the opportunities and challenges in the German vinyl window market of the future.

The two greatest challenges are the energy turnaround and ongoing digitalization. GEALAN sees opportunities here - not only in the national market. Every European country has committed itself to reducing CO2 emissions. 14 percent of all CO2 emissions in Germany currently come from the building sector. By 2030, politicians will increasingly implement subsidies and regulatory measures. This will turn windows into real energy managers.

GEALAN meets these challenges in its latest developments. Be it in the area of ventilation solutions, which GEALAN will start in early 2020 with GEALAN-CAIRE®, the fully recyclable surface technology acrylcolor that has been in use for 40 years, or smart home solutions. With GEALAN, digitalisation and climate-friendliness are intertwined like cogwheels. Through the government subsidies in the framework of the climate package, the window market will grow, especially in the area of renovations in Germany. The experts of the Future Forum agree on this. Thus the new ventilation system GEALAN-CAIRE® adapts to the market with pinpoint accuracy. GEALAN has applied its decades of know-how as a system provider for the window industry to this topic and presents GEALAN-CAIRE®: a new ventilation programme with innovative product solutions for decentralised residential ventilation. CAIRE stands for CONTROLLED AIR REGULATION, which means controlled ventilation with the window closed, far superior to classic window ventilation.

Together with its digitalisation partner DBS (Digital Building Solutions GmbH), GEALAN has taken another step in the field of digitalisation. The goal of DBS is to develop and distribute digital tools for window manufacturers, installers and planners to make the core processes around the window trade more stable, faster and more cost efficient. This begins with virtual reality applications to support the demonstration of windows, continues with the BIM-compatible GEALAN planning software 2.0 for digital buildings, and continues with our digital window passport - an NFC chip built into the window frame that opens up completely new possibilities for interacting with fitters (e.g. assembly process) and end customers (up- and cross-selling).

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2nd International Futureforum 2019

At the 2nd International Future Forum in Oberkotzau at the beginning of August, GEALAN was able to welcome nearly 200 clients from over a dozen European countries. The central point of the two-day programme: the European window market in digital change. And, as in the last Future Forum, GEALAN gave its clients fresh insights into product development.

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Gluing expert GEALAN - STV® static dry glazing

The trend in the window construction industry towards gluing panes and sash frames is continuing. More and more manufacturers are experimenting with different bonding methods, in order to be able to offer the advantages that GEALAN has been able to demonstrate since 2010 for their systems as well. In contrast to most system providers, GEALAN does not work with elaborate wet bonding, but with a high-performance adhesive tape.

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