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The trend in the window construction industry towards gluing panes and sash frames is continuing. More and more manufacturers are experimenting with different bonding methods, in order to be able to offer the advantages that GEALAN has been able to demonstrate since 2010 for their systems as well. In contrast to most system providers, GEALAN does not work with elaborate wet bonding, but with a high-performance adhesive tape.

GEALAN-STV® (Static Dry Glazing) is a proven system for dry bonding the window pane and sash profile with a specially developed double-sided adhesive tape, which brings stability to the entire window sash assembly. This ensures safe load transfer of the steel reinforcements within the sash in larger windows. Thus much larger windows can be realised. The permissible width, height and surface area are greater, and GEALAN allows for an average height clearance of up to 20 cm. For the surface area by up to 20%. And that applies equally to white and coloured windows in acrylcolor.

With this type of processing, there is no need to invest in new machinery. The profiles are already delivered with GEALAN's integrated adhesive tape. The entire production process becomes easier for the fabricator. In addition, time-consuming adjustment and readjustment work on the window is reduced to a minimum. And the assembly of the elements is made much easier through the reduction in weight. The sashes glued in this way also have the advantage of greater torsional rigidity, are more dimensionally stable, do not need to be re-blocked and are easier to handle when installed correctly. Due to the omission of steel in certain window sizes, it is possible to equip the steel chamber that has been freed up with a thermally highly insulating foam at the factory. The use of GEALAN IKD® foam technology improves the Uf values by up to 0.2 W/m2K, depending on the profile combination.

With over 8 million metres of STV® profiles (1.2 million window units) on the market, GEALAN has a mature production know-how. For this, GEALAN was the first system provider to receive the RAL quality mark according to RAL-GZ 716/I section IIIa for the use of the special double-sided adhesive tape. With the tape, the glass panel is used as a stiffening element. This means that the usual setting movements, especially with heavy and large elements, no longer occur and deformations in the lower area of the window are reduced. For the window manufacturer, this is a clear plus for the image of his company. After all, in the past, fitters and dealers had to drive to the construction site once or twice to readjust the windows. This is no longer necessary and saves the window construction company cash money.

In the GEALAN S 9000 system platform, all sash profiles are available parallel with classic glass sealant or the high performance adhesive tape STV® from the factory. This simplifies the ordering process with the manufacturer and increases the flexibility to use the innovative adhesive technology when the customer wants its advantages. By the way: The replacement of a glass pane fixed with STV® technology can be carried out without a lot of time and special know-how. The defective glass can be replaced with a few simple steps.

The advantages of GEALAN STV® at a glance
ECONOMIC: Compared to bonding with liquid adhesives, STV® static dry glazing does not require major investments in new machinery. This is because the profiles are delivered ready for use with the integrated adhesive tape and are therefore more suitable for use, as possible deformations and readjustments are reduced.

ENERGY EFFICIENT: Due to the strong adhesive bond between the sash and the glass, the use of steel elements is largely unnecessary. Through the use of the highly insulating technology GEALAN IKD®, a significant increase in thermal insulation properties is achieved at the factory.

LONG-LONG-TERM: the adhesive bond around the glass distributes the weight better on the sash and therefore also on the hardware. The sash cannot warp and the window requires less maintenance.


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