Hotel and restaurant

Hotel and restaurant in a historic building

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Hotel and restaurant


S 8000 IQ


acrylcolor RAL 9010


Vetrov near Aš / Czech Republic

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MK Casino Vetrov / Vetrov / Czech Republic

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NELAN s.r.o. / Horni Ves near Františkovy Lázně

Located in the hinterland of the city of Aš in the Czech Republic, the Hotel Castle Vetrov and Restaurant radiates all the charm of the traditional Egerland architectural style following its complete renovation.

After standing empty for an extended time, the building constructed in 1923 was completely renovated and converted in style into a luxury hotel with its own restaurant by a group of investors. The new premises were reopened on June 1, 2014.

Used products and innovations from GEALAN

S 8000 IQ

Konstruojant šią dvigubo sandarinimo 74 mm montavimo gylio profilių sistemą buvo siekiama optimizuoti ekonomišką ir nesudėtingą langų gamybos procesą naudojant šiuos profilius.
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Welcome to Seepark

The Seepark complex developed by GWG Stuttgart is one of the most ambitious residential building projects in Stuttgart. Located in the Möhringen district, the first phase consisted of 183 residential units split over 11 buildings, all designed as rental apartments.

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Building conservation and energetic renovation

In Wiesbaden on Westerwaldstrasse, during the energetic renovation of the apartment building which was built in 1926 in massive construction, the building’s layout was adjusted to meet modern requirements and the total living space was increased. Through the consistent use of energy-related measures, the energy consumption can be reduced considerably. To do this, the issues of building conservation had to be taken into account: narrow sight lines for the wing and mullion, no visible weep holes, a quality surface in crème-white tone RAL 9001 and grey seals. These recommendations could be best fulfilled with the established system GEALAN S 7000 IQ.

Projekto charakteristikos
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