Residential building

Residential living in a classically timeless architectural setting

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Residential building


S 7000 IQ


acrycolor RAL 7021


Hamburg / Germany


2012 / 2013


Matthias Ocker Architekt / Hamburg

Строительная компания

Günther Franke Gruber Bauherren GmbH / Hamburg


hilzinger Fenster + Türen GmbH / Rendsburg

The new private apartments in a prime location along the Uhlenhorster canal promise a high quality of living with their spacious layouts, large outdoor areas, floor-to-ceiling transom windows and high ceilings.

The popular district is distinguished by its quiet location close to nature as well as its exclusivity. The promenade from the Hofweg to the Mühlenkamp boasts a multitude of restaurants, cafés and bars as well as various shops. The Goldbek canal, the Literaturhaus on Schwanenwik close to the Alster, two theatres and the churches steeped in tradition reflect the varied quality of life offered by the prestigious neighbourhood.

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Further references


Building conservation and energetic renovation

In Wiesbaden on Westerwaldstrasse, during the energetic renovation of the apartment building which was built in 1926 in massive construction, the building’s layout was adjusted to meet modern requirements and the total living space was increased. Through the consistent use of energy-related measures, the energy consumption can be reduced considerably. To do this, the issues of building conservation had to be taken into account: narrow sight lines for the wing and mullion, no visible weep holes, a quality surface in crème-white tone RAL 9001 and grey seals. These recommendations could be best fulfilled with the established system GEALAN S 7000 IQ.


Renovating an apartment building

Where a small baroque house torn down in 1959 once stood, there is now a 6 storey building complex with 20 apartments in total in Bamberg city centre. Whilst renovating the building which is close to the centre with good transport connections, the designing architect was able to create a modern design complying to sound insulation class 4 despite a construction style from the 1950s and it being a protected building. Concurrently, it was all about tying in the modified facade in terms of the colour concept which was developed especially for the building, with the structure which was already there. Crucially, the modern French casement windows made from the GEALAN-System S 9000 helped the architect fulfil his aim. With their size and colour coordination, they fit harmoniously into the image of Markusstrasse as a whole.


Восстановление здания

Здания представляют собой ансамбль многоквартирных домов 1910-1911 годов в Гамбурге. Пятиэтажные каменные дома были построены в типичном вильгельминском стиле.

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