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With a total print run of 14,500 copies in German and English, GEALAN is launching a new format for corporate magazines. In addition to German and international partners, customers and employees, people in High Franconia and Thuringia will get an intimate insight into GEALAN.

From their very personal point of view, our editors tell stories from many areas of their everyday work. However, this does not start with the executive board, but with a report about a family man who chose to work in GEALAN’s innovative shift model. A warts-and-all insight into the world of GEALAN is also provided by further background reports, interviews and business charts from the digital world and its vision, as this topic will shape the future, and not only for profile manufacturers such as GEALAN. GEANOVA is also intended to spark a dialogue with other companies in the region. Every company must rise to the challenges of digitalisation. This alone provides enough starting points for an exchange.

Here you can read GEANOVA online or order yourself a print edition to be sent directly to your home: GEANOVA Magazine.

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New website: GEALAN shows how user friendliness works

More benefits, no diversion: is the window to the window

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2nd International Futureforum 2019

At the 2nd International Future Forum in Oberkotzau at the beginning of August, GEALAN was able to welcome nearly 200 clients from over a dozen European countries. The central point of the two-day programme: the European window market in digital change. And, as in the last Future Forum, GEALAN gave its clients fresh insights into product development.

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GEALAN offers additional training to become a TÜV-certified installation manager

High demands are placed on window or door installation, which must be carried out professionally. That is why GEALAN has now for the second time initiated the four-day training course to become a "TÜV-certified installation supervisor for windows and doors".

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The GEALAN ACADEMY offers market-oriented seminars on topics like construction law, sales and window technology.

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