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Traditional printed material in the advent of the digital age – this too is possible. A high-quality magazine from the good old printing press. One medium does not replace another; media simply develop further, learning from one another. And one thing is certain: There will always be fascinating stories: to hold in your hand, to give away, to pick up. And to read, of course! GEANOVA is here – the new GEALAN.  

You can read it online, but you can also order a print magazine here. You get to decide how you want to read our stories. We have compiled exciting reports, balanced background reports and fascinating interviews for you. Set off on a journey of discovery! In the spirit of our Vision 2022, this new GEALAN magazine is intended to give you a personal insight into GEALAN. “Our inspiration is delighting people.”


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Whoever meets the passionate chemist Dr. Michel Sieffert quickly realises that a laboratory and a kitchen have a lot in common. He heads the research and development department and offers you a very special insight in the cover story of GEANOVA: a profile as well as a look into the cooking pots, both in his home and at GEALAN.

Here, new recipes for various profiles have been constantly created and extruded in the plants for over 50 years. GEALAN took on a leading role at many levels here, both in material development and in recycling. GEALAN recycles its own production waste and collects PVC material from old windows. 

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The creation of GEANOVA magazine: from photo-shoots through to printing. Here you can see some images from our GEANOVA making-of feature.

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