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Clean air in your home is not only a feel-good factor, but the key for a healthy life. Due to energetically more and more dense buildings and different usage habits, the classic window ventilation is not always sufficient. The solution is GEALAN ventilation systems. They bring fresh air into the house day and night - without having to open a window.

Ideal living climate

Health and comfort

Protect your central nervous system

Proper ventilation

Ideal living climate

Health and comfort
arzt-icon-blau.pngAll leading market analysts predict the continuing dynamic growth of residential construction in Europe in the years ahead, with the persistent trend toward urbanisation a determining factor. But what does this mean for residents? The quality of energy insulation in buildings and windows – including those used in renovations – is increasing all the time, while living space is becoming more expensive and therefore smaller. This combination can result in airless, stuffy rooms.

Protect your central nervous system

toxic-icon-blau.pngAs we breathe we absorb oxygen from the air, which goes into our blood; we release carbon dioxide (CO2). Where normal air has a CO2 concentration of only around 0.04%, used air contains a higher level of CO2. Once the concentration reaches 1%, it has a narcotic effect on the human central nervous system – and even a slight increase in airborne CO2 leads to acidification of the blood. When this happens, blood pressure drops and blood becomes less effective at binding oxygen, even though there is generally sufficient oxygen available in stuffy rooms.
lueftung-icon-blau.pngOpening windows is essential to counteract this effect. The best ventilation method is intensive, short-term ventilation around every two hours, as a permanently open window causes the air to lose too much valuable moisture – especially in winter. But many offices and public facilities no longer have windows that can be opened. This makes intelligent ventilation systems crucial, and requires employers to ensure that the ventilation or air-conditioning system is set correctly. GEALAN resolves the problem – both actively and passively.

Proper ventilation

  1. For well-being: the objective is to enrich indoor air with oxygen, to protect against poor concentration and headaches – whether using active or passive systems, and even without opening windows.
  2. Balanced humidity: it should be possible to achieve low-pollutant window ventilation that prevents environmental pollution, mould and insect infestation in normal residential use.
  3. Energy savings: active and passive ventilation systems ensure that valuable energy is not wasted, whatever the temperature outside.

Now available: GEALAN-CAIRE® ventilation systems

The newly developed GEALAN-CAIRE® (Controlled AIr REgulation) system family brings a new generation of ventilation solutions that empower you to independently take care of controlled ventilation. The system makes it possible to eliminate the risk of inadequate air supply to personal living areas – for your customers involved in housing construction, large-scale building projects, and renovations too – without needing to constantly open and close windows.

This active system, featuring heat recovery for decentralised ventilation of new builds and existing buildings, has been designed to perfectly match the visual appearance of your windows, and includes integrated sensors for temperature and humidity to ensure optimum room climate. It is also easy to operate via WiFi connection.

This passive system is almost invisible, fitting seamlessly into its surroundings and ensuring balanced air exchange. The compact and precise technology at work means that a large number of window rebate ventilators can be unobtrusively integrated into a single window where necessary.

A single unit of this active ventilation system enables air flow of up to 60 cubic metres per hour, and heat recovery of up to 95%, making it perfect for inner-city apartments.

One unit of this active ventilation system creates air flow of up to 120 cubic metres per hour, and heat recovery of up to 90%, making it ideal for large loft apartments and public spaces.
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