The innovative sliding system from GEALAN

Living space is valuable, so it should be put to the best possible use. For the first time, GEALAN-SMOOVIO combines the space-saving convenience of sliding solutions with extraordinarily compact design. This is made possible through a synergy of newly developed hinge parts, innovative profile geometry and optimised seals.


Effortless gliding

Saves and creates space


Impermeable to driving rain

Excellent heat insulation

Optimum noise protection

Elegant, unobtrusive design


Both saves and creates space


A relaxed glide and secure sea

The comfort advantage that comes with sliding windows was previously often paid for with a lower-quality seal. A refined closing mechanism in the new GEALAN sliding system means this is no longer an issue.

Create valuable extra space

Sliding elements result in a great deal more living space, as these models require no pivot area for window and door leaves. This also means that the living space directly in front of the window can also be used. Sliding elements offer unbelievable potential to create valuable free space when planning layouts.

Plain and simply tight

...In wind and poor weather


Uninterrupted, all-round sealing levels ensure perfect insulation against outdoor influences when closed.­

Premium components

Intelligent components render their service invisibly. Special roller systems and extraordinary closing technology ensure smooth operation and excellent leak-tightness.­

Opening types

Scheme A


Scheme C


Colouring in the GEALAN-SMOOVIO system

Realwood – exclusive wood decor foil

Realwood RAL 5011
Realwood RAL 6009
Realwood RAL 7016
Realwood RAL 7039
Realwood RAL 9001
Realwood RAL 9010
Realwood Ginger Oak
Realwood Honey Oak
Realwood Amaranth Oak
Realwood Weissbach Oak

These foils are not made of real wood.

Standard decor foils

Deco RAL 7016 Grained – Anthracite Grey
Golden Oak

Non-standard decor foils

Platinum Bronze
Winchester XA
Deco RAL 7039 – Quartz Grey
Deco RAL 9010 – Pure White
Mountain Pine
Moor Oak
Natural Hazelnut
Deco RAL 9003 - Brilliant White
Sheffield Oak Light
Metbrush Silver
Metbrush Brass
Monument green
Deco RAL 7021 – Smooth Black Grey
Deco RAL 7012 – Smooth Basalt Grey
Deco RAL 7023 – Concrete Grey
Deco RAL 7044 – Silk Grey
Deco RAL 7004 – Smooth Signal Grey
Deco RAL 7012 – Basalt Grey
Deco RAL 5004 – Black Grey
Rustic oak
Chocolate Brown
Black Brown Smooth
Black Brown
Siena PN Noce
Deco RAL 7001 – Silver Grey
Deco RAL 5011 – Steel Blue
Douglas Striped
Deco RAL 6009 – Fir Green
Deco RAL 3005 – Wine Red
Douglas Fir
Deco RAL 7038 – Agate Grey
Deco RAL 7016 Smooth – Anthracite Grey
Deco RAL 3011 – Brown Red
Deco RAL 5007 – Brilliant Blue
Deco RAL 9001 – Cream White
Dark Oak
Deco RAL 7035 – Light Grey
Deco RAL 6005 – Moss Green
Deco RAL 7039 – Smooth Quartz Grey
Light Oak

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