Contemporary Transitions

Systematic threshold solutions

Regardless of whether it is a new construction project or a renovation, the installation of GEALAN threshold solutions is a future-oriented investment. With their stable and heat-insulating composite of PVC and aluminium, they make a well-thought-out contribution to avoiding tripping hazards and enabling free and safe movement for everyone in every situation.

Universal Design

Future-proof, comfortable and safe threshold solutions make life and living easier for all generations. It is not only for older people with physical disabilities that unnecessary tripping hazards mean the exclusion of parts of daily life. People of all ages face challenges when it comes to mobility within their own four walls. GEALAN provides the right answer for new construction projects as well as for renovations. Think about tomorrow today with threshold solutions from GEALAN.



The two threshold solutions: classic or floor-level

There is a choice of two threshold solutions with advantageous product properties in the product range. On the one hand, there is the GEALAN standard threshold with a classic threshold height of 20 mm and a proven inner stop, which meets the already increased requirements in terms of thermal insulation. On the other hand, there is the new, floor-level premium variant GEALAN-COMFORT.® The advantage for processors who have so far installed the tried-and-tested standard threshold is that they now have the option of implementing the premium version from the 20 mm threshold. This procedure is possible for both house and balcony doors from the S 9000 system.

Advantages of the threshold variants


Compatible with all GEALAN systems with 74 mm and 82.5 mm installation depth. Suitable for patio doors and front doors.


Solid bond by latching PVC and aluminium parts in two planes.

Transport safety

A protective film protects the threshold from damage during transport and assembly.

Comfortable transition

Both GEALAN sleepers ensure an easy transition. In the case of French doors, the strike plate parts are flush with the threshold – tripping hazards are a thing of the past.

Universally applicable

Avoid unnecessary hurdles in new construction or retrofit existing buildings for maximum freedom of movement: GEALAN threshold solutions offer proven quality for all construction challenges.

Thermal insulation

Excellent thermal separation, also in the area of the strikers, thanks to the composite solution of aluminium and PVC. Very good isothermal flow – the risk of condensation or thermal bridges is minimized.


In the lower connection area, it can be combined with various additional profiles from the GEALAN range. System-specific weather strips ensure maximum tightness. Extensive range of connectors available for attaching the threshold to frames and posts in GEALAN systems.

GEALAN Standard Threshold


This threshold variant has proven itself for years. With its low overall height of only 20mm, it enables a comfortable transition between inside and outside. The standard threshold is a useful addition to all house and beam door elements from the GEALAN product range. It perfectly meets all requirements for thermal insulation and tightness due to the existing material properties. In the course of renovation work, it can be used just as flexibly in all 74mm and 82.5mm systems as in a new building.



This sleeper variant is a novelty in the GEALAN product portfolio. GEALAN-COMFORT® is not only an absolute premium product due to its flooring without a visible transition. As a solution, it is extremely system-compatible and can be easily combined with the existing front door or window. The result is a threshold solution of the highest quality, which realizes flowing transitions between the rooms.

Product properties of the tried-and-tested standard threshold compared to the special features of GEALAN-COMFORT®


  Standard threshold GEALAN-COMFORT®
Height 20mm 0mm
System Compatibility suitable for all GEALAN systems with 74 mm and 82.5 mm installation depth suitable for all frame variants of the S 9000 system platform (AD, MD, S 9000 plus)
Transport safety From transport to installation, the threshold is protected with a protective film. This prevents damage and scratches.
Thermal insulation
  • Excellent thermal separation, also in the area of the strikers, due to the composite solution of aluminium and PVC
  • Optimal isothermal flow, which minimizes the risk of condensation or thermal bridges forming
Comfort Easy transfer due to low installation depth Convenient, imperceptible crossover due to level ground
Stability Latching between PVC and aluminium parts in two planes creates a solid bond
Optics High-quality optics due to stable design with low installation depth Aesthetically sophisticated due to the flowing transition
Accessibility no yes
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