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Contemporary windows: these are the trends for 2024

Modern windows offer more than just a clear view. They are designed to combine an appealing aesthetic with purposeful functionality. This means that they impress with their excellent insulating properties and protect the living spaces against noise and burglary in equal measure. But it is not only in terms of their performance characteristics that they keep up with the times, their appearance is also in line with current trends.


Systematic training

GEALAN Fenster-Systeme places a great deal of trust in its trainees at an early stage and supports the young people in developing unusually independently in their new profession and taking on responsibility.


It's all in the mix!

GEALAN is on its way to developing CO2-reduced raw material for plastic profiles. Chalk extracted from Estonian oil shale ash is used for this purpose. The quality of the raw material mixture is maintained even with the chalk substitute.


The Perfect Journey

Eva Schröder likes to be on the move – on foot and in her mind. She hikes, climbs deep gorges, bikes through forests, swims under sparkling waterfalls, preferably far off the beaten track. For GEALAN she works on the perfect journey: a customer journey with a wow effect.


Millions for the Mega Cuboid

In Tanna, Thuringia, GEALAN produces PVC profiles for windows and doors. At first glance, the actual production process, extrusion, seems to have nothing to do with logistics. But the logistics department acts as a control centre that merges many processes. If something goes wrong in logistics, nothing works in production or with customers.


SAP? Is up and running!

Susana Santos likes to bring order to chaos and loves clear structures. As head of IT application consulting, she oversaw implementing SAP at GEALAN. A mammoth project that needs movers and shakers. It’s good that Susana Santos likes to shake things up.


Good fortune is not accidental

When Patrick Martinez moved to Dijon 15 years ago, people told him to go see the famous Owl of Dijon. He went to the Rue de la Chouette on the north side of Notre-Dame de Dijon, a Gothic church from the 13th century. The owl sculpture has been sitting there on a buttress for over 500 years, worn down from all the stroking and restored after vandalism in 2001.


Career paths – change as a constant

Alexander Jahn was born in Marktredwitz in 1975. He grew up in the Fichtel Mountains and spent a lot of time in his parents’ butcher’s shop in Wunsiedel as a child. His path to become a master butcher and business owner seems preordained. He even completed an apprenticeship in his parents’ business.

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