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A strong bond

Neckties have been slung around the necks of men and women for centuries. It is a fashion accessory and style icon with its own holiday – International Necktie Day: on 18 October, the guards of honour in the Cravat Regiment ride through Zagreb and decorate statutes with cravats to send the message that neckties are Croatian. It’s even said that in the 17th century France’s King Louis XIV took a liking to the ‘à la manière croate’ (Croatian-style) cravats that Croatian mercenaries wore. The Sun King introduced the piece of uniform to Parisian society. The flagship store of Croata, a specialty shop for ties and scarves, is located in the Oktogon Passage in Zagreb’s city centre. GEANOVA met Klaudija Čota and Robert Križanović there. 18 years spent working together at GEALAN Croatia connects them, just like a tightly tied knot in a necktie.


Big in BIM: the move towards success

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the digital way of modelling buildings in the future. GEALAN recognised this early on, developed its own BIM solutions and expanded its expertise one move at a time. Today, GEALAN is an innovative player in BIM, a favourite among architects, a prize-winner and a company that has long been thinking a few moves ahead. The mastermind behind GEALAN’s success in BIM is the strategist Özkan Arslan.


The sky is the limit

Ashwanth Krishna Vijay Ananda Kumar isn’t very impressed by boundaries. He left his homeland India for Germany and came to a completely different world. Exploring unchartered territory is in his nature and has determined his career: as the assistant to management at GEALAN, he delves deep into numbers and analyses, researches new markets and product potential, and promotes innovative sales tools and agile work methods. His goal is to push boundaries and play a role in making GEALAN a little bit bigger, better and more efficient each and every day.


More than a makeover

GEALAN is decking out its office environment by doing more than just giving it a fresh look: the new office concept combines know-how, links expertise, reduces distances, sparks communication and fuels ideas. Most importantly, however, it’s a tribute to open approaches. New work? GEALAN is ready.


Working for the future

Talking to GEALAN about sustainability is fun because nobody in this company is satisfied with simple answers. And because bright minds ask important questions, think about things carefully to seek good solutions, and then actually implement them. GEANOVA met with four of these clever people.


The revolution after the defeat

A sombre silence fills the car. A frustrated Ahmet Çak and his colleague Gyula Lélek have been driving on the Hungarian M1 motorway for about half an hour. The customer they had visited terminated their collaboration after hearing about a price increase. Çak just recently took over as Head of Sales for Hungary and negotiated new terms with all customers. Now, however, he has lost this one window manufacturer as a customer and suffered a defeat. The Annahegyi motorway restaurant at the MOL petrol station in Budapest serves a nice espresso so they exit the motorway. The frustration gives way to defiance over coffee and Çak motivates his colleague: ‘We’ve got to learn from this defeat!’ A ‘magic moment’ as he will later refer to it.


Just a matter of application

When GEALAN develops a new profile system, it results in a product that has to meet a wide array of demands in terms of function, material and design. Yet the most beautiful profile that’s been well thought out would be worthless if it could not be worked with in the best way possible – into well thought-out and beautiful windows. Innovations must prove that they are suitable for practical use in GEALAN’s Application Technology Centre.


New GEALAN systems in the testing process

With GEALAN-COMFORT® and GEALAN-KONTUR®, two new products were presented at the International Future Forum 2022. The market launch of both the floor-level threshold and the premium design system is currently being intensively prepared. An important part of the work still to be done: The GEALAN products are being extensively tested.

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