The GEALAN standard threshold

First-class threshold solution, excellent thermal insulation

The tried-and-tested standard threshold has been a crucial addition to the GEALAN product range for years. This variant with a low overall height of only 20mm can be used flexibly in all 74mm and 82.5mm systems. This makes the standard threshold equally suitable for renovation measures and installation in new buildings. There, as a front door or balcony door threshold, it enables an easy transition from the inside to the outside. In addition, based on the existing material properties, a very high degree of thermal insulation and tightness is guaranteed.

Advantages at a glance


Suitable for use in all GEALAN systems with 74 mm and 82.5 mm installation depth. The standard threshold can be installed for windows and front doors alike.


High stability due to the optimized distribution between the PVC and aluminum components. These are firmly locked together in two levels.

Transport safety

During transport and assembly, a foil protects the threshold from possible damage.


In the lower connection area, it can be combined with various additional profiles from the GEALAN range. Maximum tightness is ensured by system-specific weather strips. There is also a wide range of connectors available for attaching the threshold to frames and posts.

Comfortable transition

The low 20mm threshold ensures easy transitions without tripping hazards due to its low installation depth.

Thermal insulation

Due to the composite solution of aluminium and PVC, the thermal break is excellent, even in the area of the strikers. The risk of condensation or thermal bridges forming is reduced by an excellent isothermal flow.

The GEALAN standard threshold

First-class threshold solution, excellent thermal insulation

The tried-and-tested threshold for house and balcony door elements is a crucial addition to the GEALAN product range. It can be used flexibly in all 74 mm and 82.5 mm systems for renovation and new construction, allowing a comfortable transition from the inside to the outside, while at the same time meeting the requirements for thermal insulation and tightness.


Connection via milling

GEALAN sleepers are suitable for contour milling. In this way, the transition between the threshold and the frame can be made even more visually appealing.


  • By fastening the threshold via contour-milled frames and posts, it is possible to dispense with threshold holders.
  • In addition, the visual transition of the surfaces is more harmonious, which is particularly noticeable in the case of coloured French door and front door elements.
  • In the S 9000 and GEALAN-LINEAR® systems: In order to ensure more stability in the fastening, suitable filler pieces are available for frames and posts, which are used to screw the sleeper and the frame together.
  • Special feature: In the GEALAN-KONTUR system, screw channels are available in frames and posts in order to implement the screwing of the sleeper without filler pieces.®
  • If you opt for the contour-milled sleeper variant, you will have your own sealing plates available to ensure that the watertightness is watertight.
  • For corner sealing in the frame rebate, the usual seam sealing blocks of the respective system are used. 

GEALAN sleepers system compatible

S 8000

This rebate sealing system with an installation depth of 74 mm was developed for uncomplicated and economical processing by the window specialist company. The system is optionally available with five (improved statics) or six chambers (optimized thermal insulation) in the frame and sash.


S 9000

The innovative system platform for windows, doors and lift-and-slide doors – optionally with two or three sealing levels. Optimized for the use of STV®, it not only offers improved statics, but is also suitable for accommodating 3-fold functional glasses.



The premium all-glass system provides more light and transparency and offers a harmonious overall impression from the inside and outside. GEALAN-KUBUS® is also suitable for floor-to-ceiling elements with thresholds with matching weather strips.



The 74 mm all-rounder combines a modern, clear and angular design with impressive function. Its multi-chamber construction provides greater safety, soundproofing and thermal insulation. The system can be used to create windows, doors and sliding solutions.



The trendy all-rounder in a modern, straightforward design: a fixed central seal dome provides increased burglary protection, while three sealing levels guarantee optimum tightness and  thermal insulation. Suitable for new construction projects as well as in the renovation sector.


The special features of the front door and balcony door threshold in summary

  • Excellent thermal insulation - optimal isothermal flow
  • Fittings of the balcony door or the double-leaf door constructions are flush integrated
  • All mounting variants are possible (mounting either between the frame or as a screwed-under version)
  • Threshold can be used for systems with 74 mm and 82.5 mm installation depth
  • High resistance to driving rain due to a specifically shaped outer cover plate as well as several sealing levels
  • Threshold holder cover conceals the fastening screws in the rebate base
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