A class of its own

The new development in the 74 mm segment meets the highest demands on a profile in terms of design, performance, economy and versatility. This is how GEALAN-LINEAR® sets new standards.


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The 74-mm technology, a further development in the 70-mm segment, ensures high stability with modern functional glass and, thanks to the multi-chamber construction, provides more safety, sound insulation and thermal insulation. The versatility of the system is complemented by the straight-line design, thus following the minimalist trend of modern architecture.

Benefits of GEALAN-LINEAR®


Clean and simple design language, oriented towards architectural trends towards straight-lined, angular window designs.


Innovative system construction, consequently designed for market requirements

Thermal insulation

Top values in the 74 mm segment with Uf value of up to 1.0 W/(m²K)


Optimised profile constructions and innovative details with high compatibility of profiles and accessories


Full product range right from the start, for windows, doors and sliding solutions


Straightforward design language

The system is based on a consistently sleek design language that is currently setting the tone in architecture. A range of matching glazing beads continues the consequent design of the exterior appearance also on to the interior side of the windows. Slim face widths in the frame and sash provide more light in the buildings.

Tapping into the full potential

Whether in new construction or renovation, GEALAN-LINEAR® impresses with its broad versatility. It is a complete system platform that includes windows, front doors and sliding doors. It can be expanded with the GEALAN innovation of the STV® bonding technology.


Stylish and timeless

The clear, angled design of GEALAN-LINEAR® has a refreshingly timeless effect and is in keeping with the modern architectural language. Especially in new buildings, angular forms and clear lines determine the trend towards open and quietly designed facades.

Ideal for many building applications

The slim construction depth of 74 mm is suitable for a variety of construction projects as well as in the renovation sector. The universal sash rebate is integrated in all window sashes and allows for classic blocking, gluing with STV® or production-optimised wet bonding.

Colour options in the GEALAN-LINEAR® system

Standard decor foils

Golden Oak
Deco RAL 7016 Grained – Anthracite Grey
Deco RAL 7016 Smooth – Anthracite Grey

RealWood - exclusive wood decor foil

Realwood Turner Oak malt
Realwood Ginger Oak
Realwood Honey Oak
Realwood Weissbach Oak
Realwood RAL 9010
Realwood RAL 7016

These foils are not made of real wood.

Non-standard: Wood decor foils

Rustic oak
Moor Oak
Dark Oak
Mountain Pine
Douglas Striped
Light Oak
Sheffield Oak Light
Winchester XA

Non-standard: Plain colours, grained

Deco RAL 3005 – Wine Red
Deco RAL 3011 – Brown Red
Deco RAL 5011 – Steel Blue
Deco RAL 6005 – Moss Green
Deco RAL 6009 – Fir Green
Deco RAL 7001 – Silver Grey
Deco RAL 7012 – Basalt Grey
Deco RAL 7023 – Concrete Grey
Deco RAL 7035 – Light Grey
Deco RAL 9001 – Cream White
Deco RAL 9003 - Brilliant White
Deco RAL 9010 – Pure White
Black Brown
Chocolate Brown
Monument green

Non-standard: Plain colours, smooth

Deco RAL 7016 Smooth – Anthracite Grey
Deco RAL 7012 – Smooth Basalt Grey
Deco RAL 7021 – Smooth Black Grey
Deco RAL 7039 – Smooth Quartz Grey

Non-standard: Metallic effect foils

Alux DB703
Platinum Bronze
Metbrush Silver
Metbrush Brass

Non-standard: Plain colours, matt

RAL 9001: Cream White matt
RAL 9010: Pure White matt
Black matt
Black Brown matt
RAL 7016: Anthracite Grey matt

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GEALAN Fenster-Systeme has the foundation for contemporary window and door systems on hand: its innovative GEALAN-LINEAR® profile system has now been released. Its modern design gets top marks: clear-cut, linear and with no frills. It’s also narrow in its elevations and enables lots of light to enter your interior spaces. In addition, GEALAN’s new 74 mm all-rounder has everything that architects, window manufacturers, builders and renovators expect from a contemporary and reliable system.


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