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GEALAN-acrylcolor® stands for outstanding diversity in terms of design and colour. We’ve been consistently refining our unique surface technology for over 40 years. acrylcolor window systems meet the highest technical and functional demands for innovative, coloured surfaces.

Benefits of GEALAN-acrylcolor®

No spalling

Spalling or chipping of the coloured layer is permanently avoided due to the inseparable bond and hard surface.


Acrylic glass is an extremely colour-stable and light-fast material. Car tail lights are clear proof of the properties of this material.

Low maintenance

Thanks to the uniform surface, GEALAN-acrylcolor® windows are easy to clean. The elegant brushed effect also makes them insensitive to dirt.

Cosmetic repairs possible

Should a scratch become visible on the profile in spite of this, it can easily be removed using a Scotch Bright pad.


The hard acrylic surface is scratch-resistant and insensitive. GEALAN-acrylcolor® windows are therefore counted amongst the most resistant of construction elements. Measuring around 0.5 mm, the acrylic layer is thicker than any layer of varnish. Should scratches ever appear on the surface, there is sufficient material left over to buff out the scratch.

Extremely weather resistant

You are on the safe side with GEALAN-acrylcolor® profiles. Over the years, acrylic glass has proven its resistance to the effects of aggressive weather in millions of car tail lights. The same material is also used for the surface of GEALAN-acrylcolor® profiles. Windows featuring GEALAN-acrylcolor® profiles are therefore robust, even under extreme climate conditions.

A proven technology for over 40 years

What is GEALAN-acrylcolor®?

In a co-extrusion process, PVC base material and coloured acrylic glass (PMMA) are fused together – thus creating the top-quality acrylcolor surface, with its unrivalled properties, for window and door profiles. This enhances and protects plastic window systems in a long-lasting fashion.

Proven for decades

GEALAN has been investing in GEALAN-acrylcolor® for over 40 years now: more than 80 million profile metres have been sold since 2000 alone, 49 million of them in Germany, which confirms acrylcolor’s high level of acceptance among window manufacturers, specialist dealers, architects and building owners.

Technologically sophisticated: in our in-house toolmaking department, we’ve been fine-tuning the coextrusion of GEALAN-acrylcolor® profiles for decades and developing corresponding tools. Research & development in the material composition field also takes place in-house.

Our many years of expertise ensure that profiles using GEALAN-acrylcolor® meet the highest technical and functional demands.



Coloured window systems with GEALAN-acrylcolor®: properties and maintenance of acrylcolor profiles

Learn more about the properties, manufacture and maintenance of GEALAN-acrylcolor® profiles in our video.

Surface design with GEALAN-acrylcolor®

Protect surfaces, design living spaces. Our patented GEALAN-acrylcolor® surface makes for plastic windows with unique properties: Colour fastness, durability, resistance to dirt. The silk-matt exterior surface remains weather-resistant and timelessly elegant for decades.

About the manufacturing process

The principle of co-extrusion
During co-extrusion, the white PVC substructure and the coloured acrylic glass (PMMA) are permanently fused with one another. Acrylic glass is a high-quality product that has proven its qualities in industrial sectors such as the automotive industry (tail lights) and interior design. The vinyl profile acts as a carrier material, while the thin layer of acrylic glass is responsible for the profiles' colouring.

A one-of-a-kind surface texture
Brushing the acrylic layer not only produces a standardised grain, but also a fine, semi-matt gloss on the surface. This high-quality finish is unique on the coloured window market.

Range of designs

We offer GEALAN-acrylcolor® surfaces for various profile systems in all system depths. Whether historic old buildings or modern cubic architecture; whether window systems, front doors, balcony doors or sliding solutions. The production of GEALAN-acrylcolor® profiles is steadily being built up and expanded, so that today GEALAN can offer solutions for a wide range of building situations.

Range of colours

Our acrylcolor colour range is continuously adapted, optimised and expanded to meet market trends. The standard colours include nine shades. Note: as the acrylcolor colour palettes differ in the individual profile systems, you’ll find the respective colour tables on the individual pages of the corresponding profile systems.

The GEALAN-acrylcolor® colour palette

RAL 7015: Slate grey
RAL 7016: Anthracite
RAL 7022: Umbra grey
RAL 7039: Quartz Grey
RAL 7040: Window Grey
RAL 8014: Sepia Brown
RAL 9005: Deep black
Silver similar to RAL 9007*


The GEALAN-acrylcolor® special colours

In addition to the GEALAN-acrylcolor® standard colours, more than 50 other special colours are available on request: from white aluminium to purple. Enquire with our partners to find out more.

Dark profiles for perfect aesthetics

Three GEALAN-acrylcolor® top colors

The high-quality surface GEALAN-acrylcolor® blends with a color-harmonizing PVC profile. The noble combination of premium surface, dark base body and matching decorative foils are available from GEALAN across all systems.

GEALAN-acrylcolor® is available in the top colors RAL 7016, RAL 9005 and DB 703 with the dark base body. As a counterpart for the inside, six matching decorative foils can be selected. This creates a wide range of combination options with which the dark aesthetics can be individually and harmoniously designed.

Six matching decor foils

Optimized materials round off the premium variant in a manner befitting its status: sophisticated polymer formulations prevent the dark profiles from heating up in the sun and thus prevent possible deformation of the PVC profile.

The dark combinations of attractive premium surface, gray base body and matching decorative foils are available in the GEALAN systems S 8000, S 9000, S 9000 HST, S 9000 NL, GEALAN-KUBUS® and later in the new premium system GEALAN-KONTUR®.

Please note: Different delivery programmes are available for the various systems from the colour portfolio listed below.

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