Premium threshold GEALAN-COMFORT®

Floor-level zero threshold, highest value

GEALAN-COMFORT® is a threshold system with absolute premium features. Aesthetically, it impresses with its uniformity of floor without any discernible transition. The sleeper is suitable for all frame variants of the S 9000 system platform (with rebate seal or with centre seal) and can be easily implemented by fabricators who have previously installed the GEALAN standard sleeper. The result is a product solution of the highest quality, which enables smooth and barrier-free transitions from the inside to the outside.


Thinking about tomorrow today

Future-proof, comfortable and safe threshold solutions make life and living easier for all generations. It is not only for older people with physical disabilities that unnecessary tripping hazards mean the exclusion of parts of daily life. People of all ages face challenges when it comes to mobility within their own four walls. GEALAN provides the right answer for both new construction projects and renovations. Think about tomorrow today with threshold solutions from GEALAN.

Why Universal Design?

"Universal design refers to the creation of products and environments that can be used by all people to the greatest extent possible, without the need for customization or special design.Definition according to Ronald L. Mace

Your added value with GEALAN-COMFORT®

  • Meets accessibility according to DIN 18040
  • Ground level (0 mm)
  • Smooth transition with no visible threshold offers an aesthetically pleasing solution
  • High-performance mechanical drop-down seal reliably replaces a raised threshold


Contemporary transitions are created by forward-looking construction. GEALAN has thought along with you and put together a perfectly harmonious modular system with GEALAN-COMFORT®. Technical highlights sensibly combined and prepared in a way that is easy to use, result in the modern zero-threshold solution from GEALAN.

Click on the symbols in the image below and get to know the technical highlights of our premium system solution.


Advantages of the GEALAN-COMFORT® threshold at the same level


Modular system Can be used in the following elements Special mechanical drop-down seal
The sleeper is suitable for all frame variants of the S 9000 system platform (rebate seal, centre seal or S 9000 plus). It is based on the tried-and-tested standard threshold. In the lower part of the building there is a newly developed construction profile that raises the threshold and thus creates sufficient space for water drainage.
  • One-piece elements with tilt and turn function opening inwards
  • Two-piece elements with tilt-and-turn function opening inwards
  • Solution for fixed side panels
In cooperation with the company Athmer, the drop-down seal was developed, which has proven itself in over 1 million test cycles. The seal results in an automatic level compensation of up to 3 mm. To protect against overloading, a parallel lowering and a stroke limitation are integrated. The inner profile as well as the sealing profile can be replaced at any time, even when installed, their renewal is no problem. The removable trigger of the mechanical drop-down seal helps to protect the product during the construction phase. The drop-down seal can be used in DIN L and DIN R and can be supplied in four different lengths:
  • 800 mm
  • 950 mm
  • 1100 mm
  • 1250 mm


Highly impermeable aluminium tread profiles for levelling flush with the floor
Thanks to the drop-down seal, the interior is sealed against driving rain and wind. The drop-down seal is integrated into the weatherboard construction on the wing. Before the drop-down seal is inserted, the tread profiles are attached. This is no problem with the help of plastic support bridges. There, the aluminium step profiles are attached to the threshold. The existing stomata between the aluminium profiles are used to drain driving rain water in a targeted manner, namely via the inclined threshold level into the on-site drainage channels in front. To clean the water drainage area, the aluminium tread profiles can be removed at any time and then reinserted.

Full flexibility in the GEALAN system S 9000

The GEALAN COMFORT® threshold solutions offer full flexibility in the GEALAN S 9000 AD and S 9000 MD systems. The premium threshold solution from GEALAN can be used to ensure floor-level tilt-and-turn French doors, mullioned French doors, side entrance doors and front doors and is screwed under the threshold as a connector. Feel free to contact our team of experts if you have any detailed questions, such as where GEALAN-COMFORT® can equip your project with future-proof transitions.


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