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Our inspiration - to fascinate people!

Together, we create the frame for the world of windows – innovative, sustainable, customer-oriented.​

System Provider GEALAN

The GEALAN group of companies is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of PVC profiles for window systems and doors.


GEALAN profiles are designed, manufactured and distributed in-house. They are the basis for making window systems, doors and modern sliding solutions that are strikingly beautiful, exceptionally robust and particularly secure – and equipping them with top thermal insulation values. GEALAN manufactures the extrusion tools used for profile production in its in-house, highly automated tool shop.


As an innovative system provider for PVC window and door profiles, GEALAN can offer its partners a comprehensive range of services. Our architectural consulting and construction engineering services support architects and planners in their everyday work. Intelligent tools simplify planning and tendering. Training courses and seminars bring our partners up to date with the latest GEALAN solutions.


Across Europe, GEALAN employs more than 1,600 people and generated an annual turnover of EUR 345 million in 2023. Since 2014, GEALAN has been part of the family-run VEKA AG, based in Sendenhorst, Westphalia.

Management board

We at GEALAN are inspired anew every day. The goal of our daily work: we want to fascinate and inspire people with our actions and solutions. We can confidently say: GEALAN Fenster-Systeme has started a real trend with its highly innovative PVC profile systems, surfaces and digital solutions and forms a framework for the world of windows.

The backbone of our family-owned company is our people. With us, employees are able to grow. At GEALAN, new technologies and increasing digitalisation allow for new experiences and open up new competencies for the entire organisation. On account of our constantly growing store of knowledge, we not only increase the competitiveness of our company, but also contribute to the successful development of our business partners.

Together with our partners, we strive for future growth. We are driven by the systematic development of innovations and the continuous improvement of our processes. The basis for this is the appreciation, team spirit, trust, open communication and professionalism of all those involved: with these corporate values, GEALAN’s employees have defined themselves how we all deal and work with one another. Not only within our group of companies, but also with our partners and customers.

Wherever we actively serve markets with our systems for windows, doors and sliding solutions, we want to be perceived as an innovative and reliable business partner. Knowing our customers’ needs and finding new solutions together is a matter of course for us. That is just as much a part of GEALAN’s corporate DNA as practising sustainability. Our success in the field of environmental protection proves that economic growth can also be in harmony with nature.


Our team consists of young and experienced colleagues from all over Europe. With their healthy mix of differing training, backgrounds and areas of expertise, but also with their passion for the new, our employees are a guarantee for the future viability of our company.

The executive Board

Ivica Maurović (Spokesperson for the Executive Board and Managing Director for Sales, Marketing and Systems Development).
Tino Albert (Managing Director Technology and Finance)


Vision: Our inspiration - to fascinate people!

Together, we create the frame for the world of windows – innovative, sustainable, customer-oriented.  

Together with customers, suppliers and partners, we realize the best products. This also includes framing services and solutions. Together with all employees in the GEALAN group, across all divisions and countries, we strive for the best solutions. ​  

We inspire with innovations that offer real added value for all stakeholders involved. We live a culture of innovation, which for us means modern working environments, methods and processes. We don't do this alone - we also systematically drive innovation with our industry partners.  

Sustainability is our basis. We have been acting sustainably for many years – we are strenghtening this focus even further. We understand sustainability comprehensively: environment, resources, product design, social aspects, economic efficiency. We encourage sustainability awareness throughout the entire company.​

We are extending our customer orientation along the entire value chain. We know and understand our partners. With our products and services, we respond optimally to their needs and create real added value. We also convince window dealers, architects and end customers with our excellent services. 

With all our efforts, we want to fascinate our customers, partners and employees. 

Strategic priorities

To realize our vision, we pursue three strategic priorities:

  • We continue to strive for profitable growth with innovative premium products – above all our unique GEALAN-acrylcolor® surface.   
  • We provide excellent services and planning solutions to accompany our products, tailored to customer needs along our entire value chain.   
  • Operational efficiency of our processes is essential. We constantly review our processes to ensure that we meet our quality objectives sustainably.

Our strategy is based on four key areas:  

  • We live innovation. Our goals are a consistent culture of innovation in the company as well as a clear perception as an innovation leader in the market.   
  • Digitization supports us significantly and takes place everywhere – in the company as well as to our customers and partners. We are pushing ahead with new technological approaches and optimizations.   
  • Also indispensable and more important than ever is our holistic approach to sustainability. We live and respect this approach across all divisions of the company.  
  • The essential fundament of all our strategic initiatives are our employees, who are committed, implement their ideas and thus fascinate people.  

Across all divisions, we are working together on a wide range of strategic initiatives, in order to continue to position GEALAN for the future and to grow profitably. 

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The head office of the GEALAN group of companies is in Oberkotzau in Upper Franconia, while our central manufacturing and logistics location is in Tanna in Thuringia. GEALAN also produces and sells its PVC profiles at sixteen other European locations in Lithuania, Poland and Romania (extrusion), Croatia, Russia and France (trading branches) as well as in Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Serbia-Montenegro, Slovakia, Spain, the Czech Republic and Hungary (representative offices).

Company history


Foundation of the company by Adam Fickenscher as a fur processing company

GEANOVA - The GEALAN magazine

Take a look behind the scenes at GEALAN - in our company magazine GEANOVA. Read exciting stories from the middle of daily business, from the German as well as our European GEALAN locations, with people always at the center. 

Employees present their daily work, talk about challenges and clever solutions, as well as about partners who actively support them. Embedded in authentic reports, interviews and individual shoulder views, very personal insights are also not missed out. 

GEANOVA is available in printed form and as an online version.


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The GEALAN ACADEMY offers market-oriented seminars on topics like construction law, sales and window technology.

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The GEALAN corporate group is of Europe's leading manufacturers of vinyl profiles for windows and doors.

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