Digital solutions for all things window-related

New ideas and digital solutions are also crucial for the window industry. As an innovative pioneer, GEALAN already has numerous tools available for supporting planners and window manufacturers in their daily work. We take you with us into the window business of the future.

Planersoftware 3.0

Digital, fast & simple planning

With our Planersoftware 3.0, GEALAN provides you with a digital tool that allows you to plan PVC windows and doors effortlessly. All product details are stored in digital form and are constantly kept up to date.


The Planersoftware 3.0 makes calculations, plans static requirements and can display the plans as a complete 2 or 3D model, including profiles, reinforcements and drillings. This means that it’s also possible to work with the digital planning method Building Information Modelling (BIM).

Planersoftware 3.0 Benefits at a glance

  • Thanks to online use: plan your windows anytime, anywhere, from any device
  • All profile data is stored and is always up to date
  • Easily assemble complete elements as you choose
  • The building connection is recorded in detail
  • Couplings and secondary profiles can easily be added
  • Tender-relevant data is output in uniform digital form – formatted in a practical way for BIM

BIM – Building Information Modelling

The planning method of the future

Particularly in larger projects, changes can occur during the planning phase. This means: every drawing has to be changed and the quantity determination has to be adjusted. All parties involved in the construction then receive updated drawings in order to be able to coordinate them with the respective technical planning. The big plus of planning using the BIM method: BIM models not only capture a building’s geometric structures, but also hold all construction-relevant data and attributes centrally so that they can be updated as needed.

Benefits of BIM at a glance

  • Building and planning in 3D using BIM data enables a holistic approach to construction projects
  • All relevant building data is digitally modelled, combined and recorded – the structure, including windows and doors, is available as a virtual model
  • By “BIM modelling” of a property, data is processed continually throughout the building’s entire life cycle
  • Already today, all BIM files for Revit® & IFC format can be manually generated by GEALAN on request
  • Create Revit® BIM data for almost every conceivable GEALAN product in the windows & doors sector.


Window visualisation in new dimensions

Selecting windows and doors has never been easier.

“What would different coloured windows look like?” “How would a sliding door look on this wall?” You and your customers doubtless ask yourselves questions like these frequently, and they’re difficult to answer when your own imagination is lacking. The VEKA Group’s digitilisation partner, Digital Building Solutions (DDS), has software solutions on hand to visually answer such questions for you. Use augmented reality (AR) solutions to make targeted, informed decisions for you and your customers.


Augmented reality in detail

Augmented reality enables the visualisation of 3D models within your own four walls. In this way, you can display window and door elements on your desired building object in no time at all. Windows and door elements can be easily changed and removed in just a few steps, and effortlessly from a smartphone or tablet.


AR benefits service providers, technicians, designers, architects, project managers, the entire construction team and also the client. Because they all receive enough data to ensure both accuracy and speed. AR also gives you the ability to navigate each project phase and spot errors before they emerge later. This saves time and money. Augmented reality is considered one of the best technological advances in the construction industry as it improves all of the processes involved in projects.


The augmented reality app for window visualisation

  • Use AR to visualise window elements in your environment
  • Really easily via your smartphone or tablet using the WindowViewer app
  • Place selected window elements in your preferred position in rooms
  • Change the parameters you want in no time: shapes, colours, handles, window sills, etc.
  • User-defined templates based on the planning software DBS WinDo Planning are also possible
  • Selecting windows and doors has never been easier


The virtual sample corner

  • Use the virtual sample corner as an augmented reality solution
  • An additional app isn’t necessary
  • Direct placement of a 3D element in the web browser
  • Display of animations
  • Highlighting special features and innovations

Facade experience

AI-supported visualisation for the entire facade

  • Device-independent application for visualising your facade (desktop/ tablet/mobile)
  • AI-controlled algorithm for recognising window elements
  • Read-out of window dimensions (width and height)
  • Facade display with new window elements
  • Colouring of the existing facade in a new shade of colour

Your benefits

  • Saving time and money
  • Better insights into the design
  • Accelerated construction progress
  • Well-founded decisions

Keep an eye on the important processes

The digital experts take care of master data & advice

A product portfolio is constantly changing – regardless of whether a new profile is added, an existing profile revised or new films are added to the range. And purchasing terms and conditions are also regularly adjusted. In addition, your window construction software also regularly offers new developments and functionalities. This is where staying on top of things is a real challenge.


Here, the quality and completeness of master data play a key role in the implementation of your core processes. Often there’s great potential for optimisation at this point. Together with the VEKA Group’s digitalisation partner, Digital Building Solutions (DBS), GEALAN can support you in recognising and optimally utilising this potential in terms of your added value. Our digital experts support you with their extensive window know-how during realisation.


When creating profile master data, the highest standards are met and it isn’t limited to a one-off provision: because data changes over time, the special service of a permanent update process is available. In this way, the master data is regularly expanded and optionally prices are also kept up to date. DBS WinDo Experts takes care of your data securely and conveniently, so that your core processes always take centre stage

Benefits at a glance

  • More time for your core competencies
  • You don’t have to worry about updates
  • Professional software usage
  • Smooth production flows


Available for the following window construction software systems:

  • 3E-Look

Digital window chip

The window with the digital memory

DBS WinDo Flow is a software solution for processing data. It supports you, for instance, in the documentation of processes and communication with your partners in the window and door sales area. The software manages the relevant data from all processes for you – from profile production to window installation at the end customer.


This data is stored securely in the cloud. An intuitive web interface (Cockpit) as well as the two mobile apps (MontageProfi and FensterPass) allow you to use them individually in the office as well as on the construction site. Import information and attachments from your orders as well as products into the program.


This is made possible by its connection to common software solutions for window construction. To identify individual window and door elements, NFC chips are already installed in the product during production. These can later be read out via smartphone and tablet for further use.

DBS WinDo Flow

The NFC chip for windows | Explained in five steps

Familiarise yourself with the possibilities of NFC technology for window manufacturers and fitters in detail. Find out how you can control and manage all processes in window construction conveniently and time-savingly from one application.

In five steps, the video shows you how to use the Cockpit and the MontageProfi apps: From glazing, order processing and installation planning to logging and acceptance.

Benefits at a glance

  • Seamless digital order tracking
  • Increased efficiency through lean processes
  • Simplified & mobile assembly processing on site
  • A new sales channel with extra customer service


The digitalisation of products and processes is one of the most important challenges within the construction industry. Being able to offer our customers sophisticated solutions for their day-to-day business challenges is a top priority for GEALAN.


Together with our development partner Digital Building Solutions (DBS), we design customised software solutions for the window business of the future. Together we offer our customers from the window and door industry an all-round package of software solutions: from customer acquisition, technical planning, purchasing and production to assembly and after-sales support. Our digital toolbox contains software solutions for every step of the value chain in window construction.


Get digital support for your daily work from the experts.


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