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Fresh room air is essential for your health – whether in living or working spaces. Since we humans spend up to 90% of our lives indoors, room air quality = quality of life! However, modern construction methods with increasingly tight building envelopes prevent regular air exchange without additional measures. The consequences are insufficient air hygiene, moisture damage and mould. Because traditional window ventilation is not sufficient in many cases, GEALAN has developed modern ventilation systems that permanently provide fresh room air. Without you having to open any windows for this purpose.

Pay attention to your health

Better room air

Cosiness and comfort

Ventilating properly

Better room air

Better room air
A regular exchange of air noticeably improves the indoor climate. A low CO2 content (CO2 concentrations of less than 1,000 ppm are considered hygienically safe) is crucial for healthy room air, which also keeps the germ load low. And regular airing also reduces the proportion of harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the room air, which are often emitted from furniture, wallpaper and floors.


Cosiness and comfort

When you ventilate interiors properly, you’re removing moist room air that can lead to mould growth. And if you ventilate without having to open windows, noise and pollen pollution also decrease where you live and work, which means more quality of life. Innovative active ventilation systems like the GEALAN-CAIRE® smart offer a decisive advantage by means of modern sensor technology: you recognise when to ventilate – and do so independently.

Ventilating properly

Who wants to have to worry about manual shock ventilation all the time? Modern active ventilation systems create a healthy, comfortable indoor climate without you having to think about regular ventilation. And on top of that very efficiently as well: Air flowing into the interior is automatically heated by means of heat recovery and also saves you heating costs, i.e. cash, in the cooler months.


Overview of ventilation systems

GEALAN-CAIRE® – Stay healthy in comfort

Traditional window ventilation alone is no longer sufficient for today’s standards and regulations for living space ventilation. But: central ventilation systems to control the exchange of air are expensive and require frequent maintenance. Decentralised window ventilation systems integrated into window systems, on the other hand, are more cost-effective and efficient alternatives. The GEALAN-CAIRE® (Controlled AIR REgulation) smart ventilation system offers a solution built in to the window system that relieves you of the need to regularly ventilate manually. Pollen filters, heat exchangers and less noise because windows can remain closed make your life more comfortable and healthier.


The GEALAN-CAIRE® flex passive ventilation system works decentrally on the basis of an air pressure differential between indoor and outdoor air. It thus ensures permanent basic ventilation for moisture protection, prevents mould and works independently. GEALAN-CAIRE® flex fans are compactly and inconspicuously mounted in the sealing rebate of the window sash and can be easily retrofitted at any time.


GEALAN-CAIRE® smart is the flagship of the product family: This active system with heat recovery ventilates new and existing buildings decentrally. In order to fit harmoniously into the appearance of your window systems and facades, the GEALAN-CAIRE® smart ventilation system is installed directly on the window system. Integrated sensors control the ventilation process automatically, so that the room air’s temperature and humidity remain within an ideal range on a permanent basis. The system is operated either directly on the unit or – with the appropriate GEALAN app – very simply via mobile devices.


GEALAN-CAIRE® MIKrovent is an active, decentralised ventilation system that provides automatic and ongoing air exchange. Its integrated heat recovery also helps to save heating costs. GEALAN-CAIRE® MIKrovent system fans are mounted on the room side on an external wall surface and can be integrated into existing or new buildings.

GEALAN-CAIRE® MIKrovent is available in various power levels. This allows you to adapt these products very flexibly to your building project, depending on the room size and ventilation requirements.  

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