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Residential building

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S 8000 IQ system with STV® and IKD®




Oberkotzau / Germany

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fickenscher architektur + / Hof

Window fabricator

KEIL Fenster + Türen / Weischlitz

This residence in Oberkotzau is the first building in High Franconia to be built according to the solar house standard. The building architecture follows the principle "form follows energy" and is in perfect harmony with the solar energy concept. A 70° slanted roof with 70 m2 of solar panels faces south to capture the greatest amount of low winter sun and convert it into heat.

All the windows in the building are designed as French doors without balustrades and feature dry bonding of the window sashes and triple glazing. The main sash chamber is also filled with a special heat insulating material to exceed the specifications of the KfW-55 standard.

Used products and innovations from GEALAN

S 8000 IQ

The development objective for this system with rebate gaskets and an installation depth of 74 mm was to create a cost-effective profile with optimum use of materials, for easier and more efficient fabrication by window manufacturers.
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Innovations acrylcolor

A one-of-a-kind surface
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An exceptional atmosphere

This architecturally elegant building containing eleven exceptional private apartments is located close to the centre of Waiblingen. Built in accordance with the requirements of the German Energy Saving Ordinance 2009, all the apartments enjoy generous south-facing panoramic windows made from high-quality GEALAN vinyl elements with a coloured acrylcolor surface, noise-reducing glass and electrically controlled shutters.

Project detail

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Even from afar, the free-standing five-storey building with its red colour is a real eye-catcher. The almost round floor plan is made up of two semicircular building sections. They are arranged around the central atrium, which is flooded with natural light by a cylindrical glass element.

Project detail

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Project detail
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