Residential building

Lavish building front made from vinyl elements

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Residential building

Window system

S 8000 IQ




Hamburg / Germany

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HW Hotel- und Wohnbau GmbH, Koblenz

Window fabricator

WOOD COMPANY Trumpler & Weiland GmbH / Travenbrück Schlamersdorf

The Hamburg-Hummelsbüttel retirement home is a new build in a conventional design with 55 residential units for sheltered living.

A lavish glass front shaded by large trees with a width of approx. 18 m and stretching over four storeys with an inwardly curving segment in the middle was constructed for the entrance area. This façade was constructed using vinyl segments rather than aluminium to take advantage of the excellent heat insulation values and low cost of PVC.

Used products and innovations from GEALAN

S 8000 IQ

The development objective for this system with rebate gaskets and an installation depth of 74 mm was to create a cost-effective profile with optimum use of materials, for easier and more efficient fabrication by window manufacturers.
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Innovations acrylcolor

A one-of-a-kind surface
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Welcome to Seepark

The Seepark complex developed by GWG Stuttgart is one of the most ambitious residential building projects in Stuttgart. Located in the Möhringen district, the first phase consisted of 183 residential units split over 11 buildings, all designed as rental apartments.

Project detail

Residential and commercial building in a popular location

The site of a former cinema in Nuremberg located just a few minutes' walk from the city park and Nuremberg Castle is enjoying a revival as a modern residential and commercial building. Its residents and users benefit from the mature infrastructure with a wide selection of schools, nursery schools, shops and good healthcare provision.

Project detail

From Bauhaus to solar house

This residence in Oberkotzau is the first building in High Franconia to be built according to the solar house standard. The building architecture follows the principle "form follows energy" and is in perfect harmony with the solar energy concept. A 70° slanted roof with 70 m2 of solar panels faces south to capture the greatest amount of low winter sun and convert it into heat.

Project detail
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