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Windows are an important part of every house. But we often underestimate just how important choosing the right windows can be, and how much energy they can save. They don’t just bring light into the home, they also play a major role in energy consumption, soundproofing as well as security.

What we can offer you

While old PVC windows normally have a long service life, they often fall well short of contemporary models in the area of insulation. This means that buildings loses a great deal of energy, which is also reflected in higher heating costs. For example, old PVC windows that were installed before 1995 have much poorer thermal insulation than comparable products today. This means that purchasing new windows can quickly pay off, as you save on energy costs.


This is where GEALAN comes in: GEALAN manufactures PVC window profiles that make all this possible – and more! Further processing by our partners, the window manufacturers, results in high-quality PVC windows in a cutting-edge design.

GEALAN is genuinely trendsetting

We at GEALAN create the frame: we manufacture high-quality PVC profiles from which your windows, doors or sliding solutions are made. Here, GEALAN doesn’t just provide the frame – we’re genuinely trendsetting in terms of design, surface and function.

For both new buildings and renovations – GEALAN has the right solution for you: Regardless of whether current design trends featuring linear, angular looks will shape your facade. Whether you place particular value on narrow profiles and large glass surfaces; optimised insulation and dependable burglary protection are important to you. Or whether you simply want particularly easy-to-clean windows and doors that will last you a long time.

High-quality GEALAN PVC windows aren’t just strikingly beautiful, but also ensure lovely peace and quiet, plenty of daylight indoors, are durable and easy to maintain – and save energy and thus money as well.

Let us inspire you. Enquire about GEALAN windows.

Smart ventilation

GEALAN also offers innovative window-related technologies.

For instance, smart ventilation systems integrated directly at the window. What does “smart” mean? Our fans actively generate an air flow as soon as the temperature and humidity in a room deviate from the ideal – bad air is then automatically transported outside and fresh air inside. In addition, these smart fans are equipped with heat exchangers, which means: the heating energy that has warmed your rooms isn’t lost, but is used in the ventilation system to heat the fresh air. Only fresh and purified air enters your home. And in winter it still stays warm inside.

Thanks to windows made from GEALAN PVC profiles and smart ventilation solutions, you can achieve a feel-good climate at home. By the way, also conveniently controllable via app.

GEALAN – the sustainable choice

Were you aware of how sustainable windows made from GEALAN PVC profiles are? GEALAN develops sustainable solutions that take tomorrow’s world into account today.

Window systems made from PVC profiles are extremely durable. They ensure lower energy consumption. And afterwards they can be recycled up to seven times – without any loss of quality.

PVC windows are subject to a 100% closed recycling loop: after their life as windows, they can be fully recycled. This not only saves raw materials, but also energy – which at GEALAN, by the way, comes 100% from renewable energy sources.

Sustainability is more than a trend for us: we demonstrably handle every resource with care. And we’ve been doing so for over 25 years.

Ask your window dealer about GEALAN windows. We make PVC windows the sustainable choice.

This is GEALAN

The GEALAN group of companies is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of PVC profiles for window systems and doors. We start trends and provide a framework for the world of windows by means of innovative window systems, surfaces and digital solutions.

GEALAN profiles are designed, manufactured and distributed in Germany and in-house. They’re the basis for making window systems, doors and modern sliding solutions that are strikingly beautiful, exceptionally robust and particularly secure – and equipping them with top thermal insulation values. GEALAN has solutions for every building project: no matter whether it’s a new building or a renovation, a house or a flat. The matching GEALAN system ensures your windows, doors and sliding systems are customised in terms of their design and technology.

GEALAN is represented at a total of 18 locations throughout Europe, with its headquarters in Oberkotzau in Upper Franconia. The PVC system provider employs over 1,600 staff.

We create the frame

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The GEALAN corporate group is of Europe's leading manufacturers of vinyl profiles for windows and doors.

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