Ventilate smart – and stay healthy!

GEALAN not only allows you to live comfortably, safely and energy-efficiently thanks to its PVC profiles – it also has practical and high-quality window-related ventilation solutions at the ready.

Fresh indoor air for your health and well-being

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High-quality PVC windows mean tranquillity, light, comfort and energy efficiency. But GEALAN has even more to offer: fresh air, for instance, which keeps us healthy and makes us feel good. This is where our smart ventilation systems come into play: integrated directly at the window, they provide healthy indoor air permanently and automatically – even when windows are closed and without heat loss. Conveniently controlled via the GEALAN Home app.


Ventilation can be so smart

A feel-good climate in your home made easy and convenient: as an active, decentralised ventilation system with a power connection, GEALAN-CAIRE® smart generates an air flow as soon as the values measured by its sensors – such as room temperature and humidity – deviate from the ideal. Completely automatically and without manual ventilation. Thanks to smart connectivity, your ventilation system can be integrated into existing smart home systems – in other words, it can be conveniently controlled remotely via an app on a mobile device.

Why is systematic ventilation so important? Buildings today are very well-insulated so that as little heat as possible is lost when heating. This means that barely any air exchange with the outside air can take place.

However, fresh and healthy air is a prerequisite for physical well-being and contributes to a high level of concentration. Regular room ventilation also reduces the impurities and pollutants in air. For in a worst-case scenario, these may lead to illnesses.

Anyone who isn’t able to ventilate correctly, or forgets to do so, will also have to deal with the formation of mould on their windows and in their house. Even with correct manual ventilation, disadvantages arise such as the penetration of very cold or unfiltered, polluted air, e.g. along busy roads.

Our new GEALAN-CAIRE® ventilations systems on the other hand provide the best room air quality and improve the living atmosphere – completely automatically and with the windows closed. 


GEALAN-CAIRE® smart is a so-called active ventilation system. It has integrated sensors for temperature and humidity which it uses to guarantee an optimal room climate.

The system also ensures a high level of heat recovery so that as little energy as possible is lost. The smart model’s integrated filter removes pollen, dust and cat hair from the air, making it ideal for allergy sufferers.

Particularly convenient: being able to control the ventilation system via app. This allows the ventilation to be switched on or off while you’re out of the house.

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