International Future Forum 2023

GEALAN invites you: Join us as our guest at the International Future Forum on 25 May

Welcome from Management

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear GEALAN Partners,

One year has come and gone already since the hybrid format made its premiere, and now it’s time for us to carry on the success story of the International Future Forum in 2023. 

Our experts will present the most important developments in our industry to you – during exciting talks that will be broadcast live throughout Europe via live stream! 

Come and share with us when GEALAN sheds light on the challenges and opportunities facing the European window market in the future. As our guest, we’ll give you a front row seat to our talks on innovative products. The International Future Forum 2023 will once again focus on industry trends that we’re following and shaping. And all of this in compact presentations, translated live into eight languages. Look forward to a very special programme.  

The added value of this hybrid format: All of our customers and business partners are very important to us. By broadcasting our keynote speeches, we want to reach all of you – no matter where you are and how much time you can find for us. Click and check it out!  

I’ll see you at the International Future Forum 2023!  

Ivica Maurović
(Managing Director Sales, Marketing and System Development, Spokesperson of the Management Board)


Key topics

KEYNOTE 1: Markets in transition

Facts, trends and perspectives in the European window industry

25 May, 10.00 a.m.–10.45 a.m.

European markets have never been so dynamic: What’s the current situation in the construction sector? Where are new construction and renovation heading, and what’s fuelling these developments? Are structures fundamentally changing? What clear trends are emerging in complex European markets? And last but not least, what do all these conditions really mean for window manufacturing?

Keynote speaker Martin Langen, Managing Director of the Bonn-based market research institute B+L Marktdaten GmbH, reflects on the current market situation by looking at the facts and figures. In addition, he examines the causes of these developments and gives a clear outlook for the European window market.


Martin Langen has been the managing director of the Bonn-based market research institute B+L Marktdaten GmbH since 1994 and is a university lecturer for market research. His institute’s key focus is the construction industry in Europe and around the world. His mission: To research, understand, and explain this.



Premium systems, premium surfaces

Current product developments at GEALAN

25 May, 11.15 a.m.–12 noon

Now more than ever, GEALAN’s future sights are focused on premium products with a clear competitive advantage. André Wünsche, Head of Product Management, Innovation and Customer Service Centre at GEALAN, illustrates why this is the case in his overview of current and future product developments. At the centre of it all is GEALAN-acrylcolor®. In the future, the PMMA surface will be offered across all systems with the grey base profile body – combined with dark GEALAN-acrylcolor® shades to create a new and never-before-achieved look. Further perspectives on expanding GEALAN design systems, surface delivery programmes and threshold solutions are provided by André Wünsche.

KEYNOTE 2: Servitisation

Understanding and meeting relevant customer expectations

25 May, 1.00 p.m.–1.45 p.m.

The window manufacturing industry is going back to a capacity market with much more intense competition. Companies will have to offer more than just good products to come out on top. Customers expect providers to extensively respond to their needs and offer appealing solutions. In the future, products and services must therefore be conceived, developed and offered together on a greater scale. This new trend is called ‘servitisation’. It describes how manufacturers are moving away from merely selling products towards offering customer solutions that create added value. What servitisation means for your business and how it can be successfully implemented is explained by Prof. Dr. Stefan Wengler, university professor and expert for sales excellence. His keynote speech is a plea for a real service-based approach towards customers.


Prof. Dr. Stefan Wenger is a university lecturer and consultant for marketing and sales in B2B markets. His main focus when consulting companies is on transforming them for sales excellence. He is also very familiar with GEALAN from various projects.



Digital windows

Intelligent window-related products and tools

25 May, 2.15 p.m.–3.00 p.m.

Digitalisation is playing an increasingly important role in the business of windows and for GEALAN too. Michael Militzer, Group Manager of Innovation and Electronics at GEALAN, demonstrates product solutions that are intelligently automating windows, doors and shade solutions based on the situation – from room ventilation to various smart home applications from the new brand TEXINO. Digitalisation, however, begins much earlier: GEALAN and its digital unit DBS provide architects and planners, window manufacturers and distributors as well as end customers with digital solutions that provide targeted and simple support for planning, production and procurement processes. Current tools and upcoming developments in the area of digital services are highlighted by Özkan Arslan, Head of Digital Planning at GEALAN, and Karl Dietrich Wellsow, Managing Director of Digital Building Solutions.

Thank you for your support!

Many guests from all over Europe, together with our speakers, have now made the International Future Forum a great success. Our thanks go out to everyone who participated!

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