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GECCO ventilation system

The perfect living climate

The GECCO ventilation system

The little flap with IQ

A controlled exchange between outside and inside air is a prerequisite for a pleasant room climate and greater living comfort. That is why the automatic ventilation system GECCO (GEALAN CLIMA CONTROL) is now available as an option for GEALAN windows. The little flap with IQ reliably prevents annoying draughts and mould formation in window reveals. It turns your normal windows into ventilation windows, for your own personal optimum living climate.

The flap is open in normal position, allowing air to circulate freely. The flap automatically closes the ventilation duct as wind speeds increase to prevent unpleasant draughts. GECCO works fully automatically.

The GECCO ventilation system also meets all requirements from a technical point of view. Tests have proven that this type of air exchange does not result in any significant heat losses.

The benefits of GECCO

  • Optimum air exchange at normal air pressures
  • Minimal energy losses
  • Continuous basic ventilation
  • Patented, fully automatic ventilation control
  • No draughts at high wind speeds
  • Automatic operation rules out incorrect operation
  • High heat and sound insulation
  • No whistling noises caused by draughts
  • Low-cost
  • Avoids mould formation


Automatic ventilation system for S 7000 IQ

GECCO 2 for the S 7000 IQ system with central gasket sits in a pre-assembled housing in the top horizontal frame profile.

The inflowing air (1) is deflected in the rebate and enters the room (2) via the GEALAN ventilation gasket. GECCO 2 is designed to close at air pressure differences as low as approx. 30 Pascal.

GECCO open
GECCO closed


Automatic ventilation system for S 8000 IQ, S 9000 and GEALAN-KUBUS®

The GECCO 3 was designed for the S 8000 IQ, S 9000 and GEALAN-KUBUS® systems. It is fitted on the room side at the top edge of the window sash. As well as being used in new windows, the GECCO 3 can be retrofitted into existing windows.

The inflowing air enters the rebate via the GEALAN ventilation gasket (1) and flows through the GECCO 3 (2) into the room.

GECCO open
GECCO closed


Automatic system-independent ventilation system

The GECCO 4 is installed as an additional extension to the window element, making the GECCO 4 compatible with all systems that have an installation depth between 62 and 90 mm, as well as offering additional benefits such as a pollen and fine particulate air filter and an insect screen.

The fresh air flows through the GECCO 4 (1) and directly into the room (2). There is also a rain cover available for the GECCO 4.

So every window system can be fitted with the GECCO 4 if required.

GECCO open
GECCO closed

Gecco in the profile systems



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