Active ventilation – Energy efficiency for the whole home

Benefits at a glance

Save energy


Moisture protection

Noise protection


Autonomous operation

Heat recovery

Intelligent control (app)

Includes an air filter

Active and smart ventilation

The active GEALAN-CAIRE® smart ventilation system uses fans to actively generate an air flow. As soon as the indoor climate values measured by sensors (temperature and humidity) deviate from the ideal range, active systems begin to transport bad air outside and fresh air inside. Active ventilation can move large volumes of air and is the right choice when large rooms or entire homes need to be ventilated energy-efficiently without occupants having to do anything or spend time on it.

Application range

The active two-way ventilation unit is integrated directly into the window system: on the side or top, with visible, colour-coordinated housing profile. It can be installed under the insulation and plastering. GEALAN-CAIRE® smart provides fresh air in 5 ventilator levels independent of the air pressure. The integrated sensor technology automatically starts the ventilation process so that the temperature and humidity in the room air stay within the ideal range. The system optimises the room climate with humidity, allergy, insect and noise protection. This saves on heating costs with the intelligent use of the heat energy.

Layout and function

GEALAN-CAIRE® smart is installed on the side or top of your window. The airflow is between 4 to 40 m³ per hour. Exhaust and supply air flow through neatly separated channels. Two filters in class ISO Coarse 50% (optional ISO ePM25 70%) filter dust, pollen and other harmful particles and are easy to replace. A highly efficient heat exchanger minimises heat loss.

Heat recovery with heat exchanger

GEALAN-CAIRE® smart meets the highest standards of energy efficiency because the system works with recuperative heat recovery: exhaust air and supply air meet indirectly in a highly efficient cross heat exchanger (efficiency up to 89%), and the exhaust air transfers its heat to the supply air. The heating energy that has warmed your rooms is not lost, but is used in the ventilation system to heat the fresh air. Only fresh, purified and preheated air enters your home.


Principle of energy-efficient room ventilation with heat recovery

Autonomous operation

GEALAN-CAIRE® smart works completely autonomously. In automatic mode, the sensor technology takes over: as soon as the humidity in your home is no longer within the ideal range, GEALAN-CAIRE® smart automatically begins to ventilate, removing moisture and supplying fresh, purified air – for a stable, healthy room climate without you having to think about ventilation. Even when you are not at home, your rooms will always be optimally ventilated.

Controllable with and without an app

GEALAN-CAIRE® smart can also be operated using a classic touch sensor directly on the device or using a flush-mounted pushbutton. Alternatively, GEALAN-CAIRE® smart can be connected to the network via WLAN, which enables smart control using the mobile app on a smartphone or tablet.


Installation options (flush-mounted)

The components for GEALAN-CAIRE® smart are available in various colours and surface finishes and adapt perfectly to your window system, inside and out. The ventilation system can be installed under the insulation and plastering. A top duct base part, which can be expanded with an adapter with a 20-mm grid, allows for easy installation in your thermal insulation composite system, no matter how thick the insulation layer. Only the narrow air inlet and air outlet grids in the window reveal remain visible.

Simple smart home integration

GEALAN-CAIRE® smart can be easily integrated into your smart home system. If you have been showering for a long time and immediately need more ventilation, the rooms can be intelligently ventilated. GEALAN-CAIRE® smart also enables easy control when you are away from home using the smart home platform. You keep an overview of all aspects of your living quality and manage all functions centrally with just a few clicks or via voice control.

Interaction with existing components

No matter how smart your home already is or will be: GEALAN-CAIRE® smart gets on well with existing smart components. You can create your personal “one app for everything” solution and integrate your GEALAN-CAIRE® ventilation system. Select rooms, devices, scenes or functional levels (ventilation, heating, light, etc.) and control them according to your wishes. The prerequisite for this is the additional use of a Mediola* gateway.

You still have a question?

You’ll find questions and answers concerning smart ventilation with heat recovery on our FAQ page.

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Based on the DIN 1946-6 ventilation standard that is applicable to residential buildings in Germany, our calculator can show you quickly and easily whether additional ventilation measures are required for your building project.


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