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Large-scale planning and design

Windows in a class of their own

Stability and size go hand in hand

Particular attention is paid to profile stability when developing profile systems. Large main chambers can hold stable steel stiffening elements. The result is very high flexural rigidity of the standard stiffening elements, which in turn benefits the profile stability. This opens the door for the construction of large elements, and also allows window manufacturers to meet specific demands for large windows.

The solution from GEALAN

Greater stability with STV®

STV static dry glazingBonding the pane with the sash profile transfers the stiffness of the glass pane to the sash and makes the entire system more intrinsically stable. This means that standard elements can be produced entirely without any steel. Alternatively more stable elements can be fabricated in combination with steel and GEALAN STV®.

In addition, it is possible to greatly improve the stiffness of arched and slanted windows for custom designs. The STV® static dry glazing technology developed by GEALAN involves bonding the glass and sash profile using an adhesive tape designed specifically for building windows while still being able to pack the glass as usual.

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