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A controlled exchange of air is particularly important in rooms with high levels of humidity like kitchens or bathrooms. Excessive humidity has a negative effect on the indoor climate and encourages the growth of mould.

To achieve high heat insulation values, the airtightness of vinyl windows has been steadily increasing over the last few decades. However, airtight windows do not permit continuous basic ventilation. The choice used to be mould or draughts – until GEALAN found the solution with GECCO (GEALAN CLIMA CONTROL). The little flap with IQ reliably prevents annoying draughts and mould formation in window reveals.

It turns your normal windows into ventilation windows, for your own personal optimum living climate.

Types of ventilation

Gap ventilation

With gap ventilation, the window is open only slightly. In the case of standard tilt-and-turn windows, this means that the sash is tilted into the room. Gap ventilation swaps only small amounts of air and requires long periods of time to be effective. The intense cooling of the window reveal increases the risk of condensation.

Purge ventilation

Purge ventilation is a much more effective way of exchanging air in a room. The window sash is fully opened and the air in the room is completely exchanged in 4 to 10 minutes. Purge ventilation also keeps energy loss to a minimum. The speed of the air exchange means that no cooling of the components occurs.

Cross ventilation

Cross ventilation permits an even faster exchange of air and therefore keeps energy loss to a minimum. In 2 to 4 minutes, the air in the room is fully replaced. All the windows and doors must be opened so that a cross draft is created.

Solutions from GEALAN

GECCO – the little flap with IQ

A controlled exchange between outside and inside air is a prerequisite for a pleasant room climate and greater living comfort. Systematic control of the room humidity and temperature ensures that you are spared the problem of mould, since this is often the result of windows being too airtight. That is why the automatic ventilation system GECCO (GEALAN CLIMA CONTROL) is available on request for all GEALAN windows. The little flap with the big effect turns normal windows into ventilation windows and initiates a regular supply of air for your personal optimum living climate.

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Air Watch

Knowing when to ventilate a room has not always been an easy task. Particularly in rooms with high levels of humidity like kitchens or bathrooms, problems with mould can occur very quickly despite basic ventilation (e.g. with GECCO). Those days are now over. The GEALAN Air Watch hygrometer tells you reliably when the air in the room is becoming stale. The small device provides peace of mind – and is easy to use. It is simply attached to the sash above the handle and indicates whether the moisture content of the air in the room is still acceptable or whether the room needs to be ventilated.