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The perfect mix

The innovative S 9000 combined system

Benefits of S 9000

Freely combinable innovative central gasket

As a combined system with an installation depth of 82.5 mm, GEALAN's new S 9000 system combines the characteristics and benefits of central and rebate gaskets. The large installation depth, six profile chambers in the frame and sash and up to three end-to-end sealing levels guarantee outstanding heat insulation. As a result, the windows meet even the highest requirements.

Modern central gasket geometry

The flexible central gasket in the frame rebate makes a significant contribution to the improvement in heat insulation. It also protects the fitting elements against the ingress of moisture resulting in enhanced opening behaviour, particularly at low outside temperatures.

  1. Suitable for triple functional glazing with a maximum thickness of 52 mm (STV® 54 mm).
  2. Narrow visible width and 15° incline as a design feature.
  3. Intelligent sealing concept with up to three end-to-end sealing levels.
  4. Optimised for the use of STV® for dry bonding the pane and sash upstand.
  5. Very good heat and sound insulation thanks to the six-chamber design and large installation depth for the frame and sash.

Optimised heat insulation

Developing a system with the best heat insulation properties does not happen by accident, but rather as a result of focused development work. Our success proves us right. Numerous calculations have produced outstanding heat insulation values. Right from the beginning, the goal of development was to achieve a heat insulation value of Uf – 0.92 W/m²K for the standard combination with steel, making the system suitable for use in passive houses. This was accomplished through the sum of the innovative system design details.

Deep edge cover thanks to an upstand height of 26 mm for enhanced heat insulation.
Perfectly fitting steel forms for the perfect balance between statics and heat insulation.
Six chambers end to end in the frame, sash and mullion for outstanding heat and sound insulation.

Enhanced statics thanks to STV®
static dry glazing

The STV® static dry glazing technology developed by GEALAN involves bonding the glass and sash profile using an adhesive tape designed specifically for building windows while still being able to pack the glass as usual. Bonding the pane with the sash profile transfers the stiffness of the glass pane to the sash and makes the entire system more intrinsically stable. This means that standard elements can be produced entirely without any steel. Combining STV® and steel in the sash permits particularly large window elements.

  • The combination of STV® technology and traditional steel stiffening elements permits the production of unrivalled element sizes.
  • Time-consuming adjustment and re-adjustment work on the window can be reduced to a minimum.
  • Bonding the pane and sash enhances the anti-burglary protection.
  • Even after long periods of use, windows with STV® technology still close as precisely as a safe.
More about STV


The passive house-compatible window, now also in colour

GEALAN-FUTURA® is the single profile combination in the S 9000 system. It offers the option of building passive house-compatible window elements, including in colour, in accordance with the ift directive WA-15/2 using standard profiles and standard 2 mm steel stiffening elements. The certified Uf value of 0.89 W/(m²K) confirms the outstanding basic heat insulation properties. Maximum sash dimensions of up to 2.40 m are possible with GEALAN-FUTURA® when using STV® bonding technology.

The new S 9000 lift-slide door

Modern look with no constraints

Comfort at home made easy

Sliding elements are a classic design feature in modern living, with large expanses of glass conveying a feeling of well-being and elegance. GEALAN's new S 9000 lift-slide door more than fits this bill from a visual and functional point of view.

Large door elements can be moved with ease with our technology. It does not matter whether the door is open or closed. Either way, the room is flooded with light. And the virtually threshold-free floor junction further offsets the separation between the interior and exterior.


  • Even the standard version of the new lift-slide door with standard stiffening elements and no additional measures achieves a very good calculated heat insulation value of Uf 1.3 W/(m²·K).
  • Modern triple glazing up to a thickness of 52 mm (STV® 54 mm) can be used with ease in the new system.
  • Featuring a modern design, narrow sash and innovative glazing profile for more glass in the fixed section.
  • Thanks to the best heat insulation values even in the standard versions, superb workmanship and innovative technical solutions.
  • Lift-slide doors with the proven acrylcolor surface boast a durable and uniform surface quality. They offer huge design freedom for new builds and renovations.
  • Thanks to various design options, different types of opening mechanisms and a wide range of colour options for the surfaces.


Symmetrical look

The visible width of even the standard sash design is very narrow at 100 mm.


More glass in the fixed section

This special variant replaces the usual sash in the fixed section with a much narrower glazing profile. This reduces the visible width in the fixed section by more than 50 per cent without changing the heat insulation properties.

Front door in the S 9000 system

Fully future-proof

With an installation depth of 82.5 mm and modern five-chamber technology, the new S 9000 front door offers outstanding heat insulation. Also impressive is the new front door's stability. This is accomplished by the large chamber for stiffening elements, shaped steel reinforcements and matching corner reinforcements as well as the firm bond in the area of the ground threshold produced by the vinyl and aluminium parts engaging on two planes.

The S 9000 front door also scores with its weatherboard system solution that upgrades the door elements both functionally and visually. It ensures maximum protection against driving rain and effective sealing by means of insulation profiles at a number of levels in the area of the ground threshold.

  • Outstanding heat insulation thanks to modern five-chamber technology
  • Choice of colours
  • Effective protection against driving rain
  • Suitable for glass and panel thicknesses up to 52 mm (with STV® up to 54 mm)
  • Very good statics thanks to large chamber for stiffening elements and matching steel and corner reinforcements

Combined threshold with good heat insulation

The ground threshold for front door and French window elements can be flexibly used in all 74 mm and 83 mm systems for renovations and new builds.


A height of just 20 mm guarantees an easy transition from inside to outside, while also meeting the requirements for heat insulation and impermeability.


Even the classic front door model brings a personal touch to your home. This is because there are no constraints when it comes to shapes and colours. Design your front door according to your individual wishes.


The flat face of the door wing in the design version offers maximum aesthetics without compromising security or heat insulation. Not only does this offer greater design freedom, but the lack of bevels also makes your front door easier to clean.

Colouring in the S 9000 system


The coloured acrylic layer is twice as hard as the PVC surface of white windows. It is highly scratch-resistant and is largely resistant to the effects of weather. The semi-matt, smooth and non-porous acrylcolor surface is insensitive to accumulations of dust and dirt. There is no spalling or chipping and no need for laborious repainting. acrylcolor windows require virtually no maintenance and are extremely easy to care for.

More about acrylcolor

Numerous decor foils

For everyone who appreciates a natural appearance without sacrificing the benefits of modern window technology, there are vinyl windows with a wood grain look achieved using decor foils. Windows with decor foils offer all the positive properties of modern vinyl windows combined with the decorative effect of wood.

Aluminium casing

Windows from the S 9000 profile system with an aluminium casing combine the benefits of aluminium and vinyl. Their high functionality and modern, design-oriented aluminium look lend buildings a touch of exclusivity combined with the outstanding heat insulation of the vinyl window system. Vinyl windows with a coloured aluminium casing are not only resistant and durable, they also offer comprehensive options for personalisation of the colour.

The acrylcolor colour palette

acrylcolor standard colours S 9000

  • RAL 7015: Slate Grey
  • RAL 7016: Anthracite Grey
  • RAL 7040: Window Grey
  • RAL 8014: Sepia Brown
  • White Aluminium similar to RAL 9006*
  • Silver similar to RAL 9007*
  • RAL 7039: Quartz Grey
  • DB703*
  • RAL 9005: Deep Black

* Please see "Special agreement on metallic colours".



  • Deco RAL 7016 Grained – Anthracite GreyItem no. …. 13/23 701605Supplier no. 7016.05 - 116700
  • Golden OakItem no. …. 12/22Supplier no. 9.2178 001 - 116700
  • MahoganyItem no. …. 15/25Supplier no. 9.2065 021 - 116700
  • HazelnutItem no. Art.: …. 10/20Supplier no. 9.2178 007 - 116700


  • Light OakItem no. …. 13/23 3118076Supplier no. 9.3118 076 - 116800
  • Deco RAL 7038 – Agate GreyItem no. …. 13/23 703805Supplier no. 7038 05 - 116700
  • AnTEAKItem no. …. 13/23 3241002Supplier no. 9.3241002 - 119500
  • Deco RAL 7016 Smooth – Anthracite GreyItem no. …. 13/23 7016083Supplier no. 7016 05 - 808300
  • Deco RAL 3011 – Brown RedItem no. …. 13/23 308105Supplier no. 3081 05 - 116700
  • Deco RAL 5007 – Brilliant BlueItem no. …. 13/23 500705Supplier no. 5007 05 - 116700
  • Deco RAL 9001 – Cream WhiteItem no. …. 13/23 137905Supplier no. F4565054
  • Dark OakItem no. …. 13/23 2052089Supplier no. 9.2052 089 - 116700
  • Deco RAL 7035 – Light GreyItem no. …. 13/23 725105Supplier no. 7251 05 - 116700
  • Deco RAL 6005 – Moss GreenItem no. …. 13/23 600505Supplier no. 6005 05 - 116700
  • Oregon BrownItem no. …. 13/23 4262014Supplier no. F4362014
  • Deco RAL 7039 – Quartz GreyItem no. …. 13/23 703905Supplier no. 7039 05 - 116700
  • Deco RAL 9010 – Pure WhiteItem no. …. 13/23 915205Supplier no. F4565053
  • Mountain PineItem no. …. 13/23 3069041Supplier no. 9.3069 041 - 116700
  • CherryItem no. …. 13/23 4252043Supplier no. F4363043
  • Moor OakItem no. …. 18/28Supplier no. 9.3167 004 - 116700
  • Natural HazelnutItem no. …. 13/23 4252041Supplier no. F4363041
  • WalnutItem no. …. 13/23 4252042Supplier no. F4363042
  • Chocolate BrownItem no. …. 13/23 887505Supplier no. 8875 05 - 116700
  • Black Brown SmoothItem no. …. 13/23 4367010Supplier no. F4367010
  • Black BrownItem no. …. 13/23 851805Supplier no. 8518 05 - 116700
  • Siena PN NoceItem no. …. 13/23 49237Supplier no. F4363059
  • Deco RAL 7001 – Silver GreyItem no. …. 13/23 715505Supplier no. 7155 05 - 116700
  • Deco RAL 5011 – Steel BlueItem no. …. 13/23 515005Supplier no. 5150 05 - 116700
  • Douglas StripedItem no. …. 13/23 3152009Supplier no. 9.3152 009 - 116700
  • Deco RAL 6009 – Fir GreenItem no. …. 13/23 612505Supplier no. 6125 05 - 116700
  • Deco RAL 3005 – Wine RedItem no. …. 13/23 300505Supplier no. 3005 05 - 116700
  • Douglas FirItem no. …. 13/23 3069037Supplier no. 9.3069 037 - 116700
  • Brilliant WhiteItem no. …. 13/23 4565057Supplier no. F4565057
  • Sheffield Oak LightItem no. …. 13/23 4563081Supplier no. F4563081
  • Metbrush SilverItem no. …. 13/23 4361002Supplier no. F4361002
  • Metbrush BrassItem no. …. 13/23 4361007Supplier no. F4361007
  • Rustic oakItem no. .... 16/26 3214008Supplier no. 9.3214 008 - 116700