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To be successful, you need capable and experienced partners on your side. GEALAN Marketing Communications' employees are not only specialists in advertising and marketing, but also have the necessary expertise in knowledge transfer and grow the advisory and sales expertise of customers and their employees through targeted training measures.

Integrated communication concepts for the window professional

We develop integrated communication concepts as the basis for successful marketing. And then frame these concepts in interconnected advertising measures for long-term success.

Printed materials

We design and produce printed materials ranging from business stationery through promotional and product brochures to price lists and catalogues. We handle everything, from the briefing to printing.

Production management and printing

We have numerous partners within the production and printing industry for all kinds of advertising materials. We guarantee outstanding quality at a good price by selecting the perfect service provider for every job.

Web design and programming

Following an in-depth review and briefing, you receive a customised online strategy, a website concept and a design that is in harmony with your corporate design. Whether developing a new website or redesigning an existing one, we are a one-stop shop for all your web needs.

Multimedia and film production

We work with capable partners to develop and design your multimedia presentation and supervise your video presentation from the storyboard stage right through to recording, editing and scoring.

Trade fair and showroom concepts

We design and realise trade fair and showroom concepts at the point of sale specifically for the window industry.

Marketing for the window industry

A strong team

GEALAN Marketing Communications has 15 permanent employees working in the areas of consulting, graphics, web design, PR, production and telephone marketing.

It also has a network of freelance specialists it can call upon as needed. Our main focus, apart from creativity, is reliability and the needs of our customers. Let us show you.

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