Focus on our partners

Attuned to our customers and their needs: GEALAN doesn’t just rely on high-quality, easy-to-process systems – our formula is creating genuine added value for our partners.

Our concept – your added value

GEALAN not only gives windows a frame, but also real added value to its partners, which goes far beyond high-quality products and on-time deliveries.

Our philosophy: finding tailored solutions together. What does a partner need to develop even better in their market - and how can GEALAN specifically help them?

At GEALAN, we think and act proactively and in a forward-looking fashion. Our goal is to further develop our partners and their businesses – and to do so with all our skills, which go far beyond our core business of innovative profile systems.

What’s your added value? Whether it’s technical resources, on-site training sessions, marketing material, support with regulations and official procedures: you get our know-how from a single source, you save time and money – and benefit from decades of GEALAN experience.

Talking to each other, starting joint projects, delivering complete concepts – that’s the way GEALAN does things. Being at your side, recognising needs and offering solutions that inspire – GEALAN looks after you in a personal fashion. You know your day-to-day business – but let us surprise you: we can show you completely new possibilities.


How can we help you?

You’re counting on our expertise and reliable support? That’s a framework that goes without saying for us. For us, no challenge is too far away from our core business: we help you place your products on the market in a targeted manner, train you on site, know the regulations and contact people if you want to expand, design transition plans in your company with you in the event of generational change, and support you with marketing material and our specialists from our Construction Engineering Service. Expect nothing less than full GEALAN support – from planning to implementation. And beyond. Have faith and follow us!

Together and flexible – a practical example

Over 40 pilot customers in 15 countries set up GEALAN-LINEAR®’s market launch. MARSHALL from Hungary, one of the largest window manufacturers in south-eastern Europe, was one of the first GEALAN partners to join our pilot customer project. Technical and sales training followed. Flexibility and creativity were in demand, as COVID-19 didn’t allow any face-to-face meetings, especially during the hot phase: “A new product was being rolled out – and none of us could be on site to support it. That was quite a challenge”, says Ahmet Cak, who looks after the MARSHALL account at GEALAN. “So we had to come up with new solutions. We trained virtually, for instance, and were at one another’s side as much as we could while still conforming with coronavirus regulations”. Here, too, the synergy across GEALAN departments was effective: everyone is networked and everyone knows where they need to be at any given moment: IT, toolmaking, design, sales, application technology, product management – they all ensured that MARSHALL could get started with its processing of GEALAN-LINEAR® before its competitors could.

To ensure that the windows and doors were sold successfully in the end, GEALAN also supplied its pilot customers with marketing material in a timely manner: thus, even before market launch, they were supplied with strip patterns, roll-ups, brochures, plus data packages containing press and social media copy, advertising motifs, image and video material. GEALAN benefited as well from compiling this material for its pilot clients: for example, new translation processes were developed and the format of product guides changed to make them easier to adapt to client needs and to design linguistic variants.

The pilot customer project to launch GEALAN-LINEAR® is one of many examples of how flexible and trusting cooperation allows both sides to learn and benefit. GEALAN has been able to gain further experience and develop a reliable partner, while MARSHALL has gained a competitive edge through new know-how.


Focus on the window dealers!

You’re already selling GEALAN solutions, or would like to do so? No matter whether you’re already familiar with GEALAN products or not: as a distributor, you can rely on our tailor-made support.

Yes, I already have GEALAN solutions in my product range.

Excellent. We’re happy to support you in your development.  

You want to reposition yourself or develop additional target groups? You’re planning on introducing new products and you’re still lacking a sales pitch? You can rely on GEALAN’s experience: With our know-how acquired over decades, we develop initiatives that fit your company exactly and help you with your core business, selling. You want to apply for subsidies, need technical support or still see potential in commercial issues? Get in touch with us: the solution comes from us – not off the shelf.

I don’t sell any GEALAN solutions yet – would they be something for me?

They absolutely would be something for you. Because you too want to sell windows and doors as effectively and profitably as possible, don’t you?

No matter if you’re looking for the right window suppliers, if you’re still lacking marketing or logistics concepts, or if you’d like to explore sales opportunities with us – do get in touch with us.

When we’ve ultimately convinced you of GEALAN and our added values: we’ll take a close look at your day-to-day business and find customised approaches for promoting your sales as well. How does that work? See above. Follow the example of the distributors who already have GEALAN’s solutions in their product range.


The inspiring minds behind our added values

What would a world be without the people who make the best frame around GEALAN possible?

Our vision: to inspire people!  

We do this by offering our partners more than just a standard package, but exactly what they really need. This means: qualified, individual consultation and personal arrangements. Which go far beyond the sale of the classic window system. 

Of course, we will present our products to you when we meet with you. And precisely the product solutions that will help you. It is important to us to work together on solutions. They are as different as your companies. That's why we listen first: what market do you work in, do you sell to dealers, are you in the direct business or is your focus on the contract business? How big is your company, which machines do you work with, what are your strengths and weaknesses? We also listen to your ideas and then tell you how we would approach the topic.  

To do this, your GEALAN partners not only draw on their own experience and know-how, but also act as intermediaries. Building and using networks is also part of the process: Who could help you if you wanted to optimise or expand your business?  

Over the past decades, many long-standing GEALAN partnerships have been established. In these, we find out which partner's market environment is particularly challenging, which development opportunities they have, and we listen to where they want to go. The requirements are not off the peg. You get to know each other, know more and more about each other, still listen regularly and learn new things. The exchange is very individual: some partners prefer to talk on the phone, others prefer regular personal visits, there is coordination in e-mails and updates in virtual conferences. Here, too: The mix is important - and the preferences as individual as your business.  

Dear partners, let's talk. Together with you, we will create the best framework of all.  

Your Team GEALAN 


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