Planersoftware 3.0

GEALAN’s Planersoftware provides window manufacturers, architects and dealers digital support in window trade planning, project planning, tendering and quote preparation.

What is Planersoftware 3.0?

GEALAN’s Planersoftware 3.0 not only provides certified planning security for every aspect of the window system. It also supplies a detailed overview of the GEALAN product range, including all of its variations, benefits and special features. Thus, with the aid of this planning tool, a wide variety of window shapes can be created using your desired profile systems. Furthermore, additional profiles and window sill connections or frame extensions may be added. The software then checks your design for feasibility and keeps an eye on U-values, static values and maximum sizes.

You’re not a user of GEALAN Planersoftware 3.0 yet? Then our demo version provides you with a first impression of the multitude of possibilities it offers.

Quick access to the Planersoftware

For quick access to PSW 3.0, the easiest way is to bookmark the above URL – your access data is stored once you’ve registered and logged in via GEALAN’s website.

Media library

From practice for practice: Planersoftware 3.0 offers a practical, one-stop solution for all aspects of window system planning. Allow us to introduce you to this GEALAN tool and its possibilities in numerous videos.

Use Planersoftware 3.0

To use the online Planersoftware 3.0, you must first register in advance for the myGEALAN portal. When you register, you will be assigned to the user group Manufacturer, Distributor or Architect

Manufacturers indicate your customer number and sales region as well.

Distributors advise us of your sales region when registering – GEALAN will then assign your customer number to you. Please indicate which window manufacturer you work with as well.

Architects please state your sales region when registering.


Registration is via this link: myGEALAN registration


Licences can be purchased in the DBS | DIGITAL BUILDING SOLUTIONS Online Shop. Please refer to the Online Shop for prices. You can log in there with your myGEALAN login details.



Purchase licences

When you registered for myGEALAN, you assigned yourself to one of the user groups Manufacturer / Distributor / Architect. Now you can purchase licences for the Planersoftware 3.0 in the DBS Shop according to your user group (free of charge for architects!).



  • Log in to the DBS Shop using your myGEALAN login details
  • Decide whether you need a main or additional licence*
  • Purchase further licences for additional modules (sound, fastening, glass measurement, declaration of performance) if necessary

*A valid main licence is required once-only for each customer (customer number). All other users who have the same customer number only need an additional licence.



  • Log in to the DBS Shop using your myGEALAN login details
  • You then only need one additional licence each
  • Purchase further licences for additional modules (sound, fastening, glass measurement, declaration of performance) if necessary



  • The Planersoftware is available to you straightaway after registering with myGEALAN
  • You can find Archicad® add-ons or Revit® plug-ins on our BIM page


The licence code is entered in Planersoftware 3.0 in “Settings” under “Licences”.

Create a ventilation concept

Use our professional tool to create a ventilation concept step by step.

A ventilation concept determines how a residential building or home is ventilated. When you’re commissioned to create a ventilation concept, your client wants to determine whether an additional ventilation measure, in addition to windows, is required. In Germany, a ventilation concept based on the requirements of the ventilation standard DIN 1946-6 is usually used for this purpose. This ventilation concept includes:

  • The necessity of so-called ventilation measures is determined,
  • An effective, user-independent ventilation system is proposed
  • If necessary: Further user-dependent ventilation measures are specified

To create a ventilation concept via GEALAN’s tool, a valid licence for the Planersoftware 3.0 is required (for steps per user group, see above under “Purchase licences”).


Download ventilation concept instructions (DE) »


Access and further information concerning Planersoftware 3.0

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