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Whether your focus is on large glass surfaces, sound and thermal insulation values, tight and reliable panel solutions, protective surfaces or innovative ventilation and retrofittable break-in protection – we have the right GEALAN window solution for you in our video.


The innovative sliding system

Living space is precious and thus should be utilised in an optimal fashion. For the first time, GEALAN-SMOOVIO combines the space-saving comfort of sliding solutions with extraordinary tightness. The interaction between newly developed hardware components, innovative profile geometry and optimised seals makes it possible.


In a class of its own

The 74-mm technology, an advancement in the 70 mm segment, provides high stability with modern functional glasses and the multi-chamber design ensures increased security, sound insulation and thermal insulation. The system’s universality is rounded off by its linear design, following the minimalistic trend of modern architecture.


Windows with a frameless design

The GEALAN-KUBUS® system defines a new design for plastic windows in architecture. Thanks to large glass surfaces, more light and transparency open up new design possibilities. Indoors, the new system convinces with a flush-fitting look free of gaps, while outside the 90° overlap makes for an overall harmonious appearance.


BauHaus 2019 Night View

In the Russian metropolis of St. Petersburg, Bau City Development constructed a residential complex comprising two 25-storey towers as a business class project. Approximately 400 double-sash windows from the new GEALAN-KUBUS® system in GEALAN-acrylcolor® colour DB 703/7016 will be installed here. The outer appearance of the residential complex reflects the principles of the European Bauhaus architectural movement of the 1930s to 1960s. This architectural solution combines strict patterns, direct geometric shapes and high-quality innovative materials and is guided by the principle of maximum space utilisation.

Systems | S 9000 | GEALAN-LUMAXX®

For more light

A direct comparison shows: The new GEALAN-LUMAXX® profile is much narrower than previous frame combinations. In the past, mullion or post constructions often required up to 150 mm width or more. Unsightly, bulky beams interrupted the window silhouette, allowing much less light into the room. With the new system, slim views can finally be realised without having to compromise in terms of ease of use and security.

Products | GEALAN-CAIRE®

Healthy room climate

Classic window ventilation alone no longer meets today’s ventilation standards. GEALAN takes care of the air in your home, because the ventilation provided by GEALAN-CAIRE® ventilation systems creates a healthy, comfortable indoor climate without having to think about ventilation. Depending on whether you want to ventilate small or large rooms, or install a ventilation system in existing or new buildings: the decentralised systems offered by GEALAN-CAIRE® provide the right solution for your individual needs – well thought-out, powerful and energy-efficient.


Noise-free ventilation

Fresh air with barely any noise pollution. The sophisticated tilting function of the GEALAN Hafen-City-Fenster® offers just that. With the windows tilted, the system achieves sound insulation of up to 34 dB, earning it the best values for certification by ift Rosenheim.

Surfaces | GEALAN-acrylcolor®

Coloured windows with GEALAN-acrylcolor®

The GEALAN innovation GEALAN-acrylcolor® enables colourfast windows with unique properties: extremely weather-resistant, durable, scratch-resistant and low-maintenance – second to none for coloured windows!

Surfaces | GEALAN-acrylcolor®

Properties, production and maintenance of GEALAN-acrylcolor® profiles

GEALAN-acrylcolor®, the unique surface: During production, UPVC base bodies are permanently joined with colour acrylic glass. The result is coloured windows with unrivalled properties. Thanks to our GEALAN-acrylcolor® surface, any blemishes resulting during transport or installation, for example, can be buffed out quickly and easily.

Surfaces | GEALAN-acrylcolor®

Surface design with GEALAN-acrylcolor®

Protect surfaces, design living spaces. GEALAN’s patented acrylcolor surface makes for plastic windows with unique properties: Colour fastness, durability, resistance to dirt. The silk-matt exterior surface remains weather-resistant and timelessly elegant for decades.

Surfaces | RealWood

Premium wood designs for plastic windows

Almost too good to be true: RealWood wood design foils give plastic windows a natural timber look. Experience a tangible difference: With the new pattern and special grain of the foil, the surfaces have an elegant look with quality you can feel. (Note: RealWood films are not made of actual wood)

Tutorials | The GEALAN Home app

Setup and first steps

Keep an eye on the air quality in your dining room, bedroom or living areas – the GEALAN Home app makes this possible. 
Easily connect your GEALAN-CAIRE® smart active ventilation system with your mobile device and stay up-to-date on your room temperatures and humidity with your smartphone or tablet.  

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