We enable real differentiation

We set trends in PVC windows – in terms of design, surface and function. Our products stand for innovation and versatility. You stand out when you use GEALAN PVC profiles and product solutions.

Innovations as standard

What would the world be without our frames? Because with GEALAN PVC windows, not only do you manufacture strikingly beautiful windows - matching current trends in new modern buildings, but also for restorations and individual requirements of all kinds. Our wide range of systems naturally includes know-how and GEALAN innovations. Our products answer all questions and meet all demands.

Regardless of whether you want to make a premium model or deliver economical solutions, whether you need particularly soundproof windows and space-saving sliding elements for the big city or have to take into account country-specific characteristics: you have your individual requirements, we deliver the customised solutions. Visually fitting and technically at the highest level.

When we at GEALAN develop solutions, we pay attention to the smallest details. And we design our innovative systems to simplify the fabrication process for you - and to make countless combinations possible.

Our product innovations are available as standard:

Whether it's GEALAN-acrylcolor®, our unparalleled surface technology that has refined and protected window profiles for more than 40 years. Or the intensive core insulation IKD®, that optimises the thermal insulation properties of windows in the extrusion plant. Or the static dry glazing technology STV®, GEALAN's innovative bonding technology, in which glass and sash profile are bonded with an adhesive tape specially designed for window construction, while maintaining the usual blocking of the glass - which can be combined with other wet bonding techniques as needed.

Long-lasting protection and better insulation, statically optimised - and all this in a unique variety of designs and systems - available from GEALAN at no additional cost to you.

Product highlight S 9000

GEALAN’s System S 9000 is THE example of a versatile system platform: visually alterable, yet always a design highlight – in addition, it offers the technical prerequisites that enable windows, doors and sliding solutions for every building scenario.

System platform S 9000

The GEALAN System S 9000 – as a combination system featuring an 82.5 mm construction depth – combines the benefits of centre and rebate seals in equal measure. Its large construction depth, six profile chambers in the frame, sash and mullion and three continuous sealing levels guarantee outstanding thermal insulation.


With GEALAN-LUMAXX®, slim views can be realised without having to compromise on comfort and security. Perfect as well for stylish renovations: heritage protection requirements – such as slim visible widths of sash and mullion, and invisible lower drainage slots – can be fulfilled in the best possible way.

Lift-slide door S 9000

Even in its basic version, the new S 9000 lift-slide door achieves excellent thermal insulation values. Other system benefits: the acceptance of triple glazing up to 52 mm (STV® 54 mm), simple processing due to precisely fitting accessories and sealing components suitable for processing, maximum sash sizes up to 3 m wide and 2.60 m high are possible.

Central seal with S 9000 plus

S 9000 plus is a centre gasket system with a stable bar in the window rebate. The web effectively protects the mechanical parts on the window from external influences - a plus for burglary protection. Due to its excellent static properties, S 9000 plus is ideal for the construction of large elements with the coloured surface GEALAN-acrylcolor®.

Design highlights

When it needs to be simple and straightforward – in line with architectural trends – GEALAN creates the frames that provide a clear edge:


The GEALAN-KUBUS® system defines a new design language for PVC windows in architecture. Thanks to large glass surfaces, more light and transparency open up new design possibilities. Indoors, the new system convinces with a flush-fitting look free of gaps. On the outside, the 90° overlap makes for an overall harmonious appearance. GEALAN-KUBUS® enables a new design freedom, right up to the all-glass system with concealed frame.


GEALAN-LINEAR®’s clear-cut, angular design has a refreshingly timeless effect and is in keeping with contemporary architectural language. Particularly in new buildings, angular forms and distinct lines determine the trend towards open and calmly designed facades. Its narrow construction depth of 74 mm is suitable for a wide range of new building projects as well as in the renovation sector.


Long-lasting and individual thanks to GEALAN-acrylcolor®

Our GEALAN-acrylcolor® surface technology has been in use for over 40 years – and is still getting better today: in a co-extrusion process, PVC base material and coloured acrylic glass (PMMA) are fused together – thus creating our top-quality surface, with its unrivalled properties, for window and door profiles. Thanks to consistent and ongoing technological and material developments, as well as an expansion in the range of systems and colours, GEALAN-acrylcolor® is in a better position than ever.

Wide range of applications

Surfaces in GEALAN-acrylcolor® are available in all system installation depths. Whether historic old buildings or modern cubic architecture; whether windows, front doors, balcony doors or sliding solutions; even country systems for the Netherlands, France, Italy and Spain are finished with GEALAN-acrylcolor® as standard.

Extremely robust

Its hard acrylic surface is scratch-resistant and durable. This makes windows with GEALAN-acrylcolor® one of the toughest construction elements. Due to an inseparable bond and hard surface, any flaking or chipping of the paint layer is permanently prevented. As is the case with millions of car tail-lights, acrylic glass has proven its resistance to aggressive weather conditions over the years. The same material is also used for the surface of GEALAN-acrylcolor® profiles.

Broad colour palette

The GEALAN-acrylcolor® colour range has been constantly adapted, optimised and expanded to meet market trends. Even the standard colours include nine shades, from deep black to sepia brown. Even metallic colours, unique in the PMMA sector, come as standard. Trend colours such as DB703 and silver are worth mentioning as well. In addition, GEALAN-acrylcolor® makes over 50 other specialty colours possible on a property-related basis: from white aluminium to purple.

Combination with foils possible

You want to offer GEALAN-acrylcolor® windows that harmonise on the inside in terms of colour? No worries! Because GEALAN works with a laminating technique that makes the spectrum of available colour combinations almost limitless. Almost any variation is now possible. There is the option as well of combining GEALAN-acrylcolor® on the outside with wood or decorative foil on the inside.

Additional window-related solutions – GEALAN-CAIRE®

Intelligent ventilation solutions directly at your window

Traditional window ventilation alone no longer meets today’s ventilation standards. The decentralised systems offered by GEALAN-CAIRE® provide the right solution for your individual needs – well thought-out, powerful and energy-efficient.

Ventilation systems from the GEALAN-CAIRE® family provide your customer with clear added value at their window – and you as a manufacturer and distributor with a decisive sales argument. GEALAN can be used to integrate active fans with heat recovery as well as passive fans for mould prevention directly at your window. Regardless of whether you want to install a smart variant that can be conveniently controlled via an app, or your focus is on simple, low-maintenance additional ventilation – GEALAN provides a suitable solution for your windows with added value.

Our product highlights in a video

You’d like to experience our GEALAN solutions and their benefits even more tangibly? Then follow us to GEALAN Smart City – there we’ve collected selected product highlights and present them to you in a video with all the details worth knowing.


The creative minds behind our products

What would the world be without the people behind GEALAN frames?

Our products are more than just lots of GEALAN expertise from a wide range of fields – our product management is constantly developing new solutions in collaboration with our partners. The objective: Launching tailored solutions on the market and offering our customers just the products they really need.

Whether enabling modern window and door design, providing trendy colours, offering processing-friendly products with optimised manufacturing processes or ensuring high synergy effects within a system – we are always in close contact with those who consider our solutions their daily business: our partners.

And right from the very first development steps: As part of GEALAN innovation management, we gather and rate ideas from a wide range of sources. Processors, employees and cooperation partners provide our inspiration. The next steps to new solutions: Focussing expertise, developing initial presentable product ideas taking common approaches in small, interdisciplinary groups. We then share these with our partners, document additional requirements and define the details in an ongoing dialogue.  

The latest digital solutions help us quickly and efficiently involve processors and cooperation partners from all over Europe in development. This enables us to refine ideas together, no matter whether we’re hundreds of kilometres apart.   

Questions or ideas? Feel free to contact us!

Our GEALAN ACADEMY allows you to share your knowledge and join in fruitful discussions. There, we regularly offer training on current topics in the window industry. We look forward to an exciting exchange with you.

Thank you for your inspiration! Together, we create just the frame for you.

Your GEALAN Product Management


We’re there for you:

GEALAN product management always has the perfect solutions in mind with you and for you:  André Wünsche (Division Manager for Product Management), Andreas Linke (Group Manager for Product Management/GEALAN ACADEMY), Michael Militzer (Group Manager for Innovation/Electronics), Frank Ganick (Product Manager), Johannes Korthals (Product Manager), Martin Lutz (Head of GEALAN ACADEMY), Franziska Rauch (Clerk Product Management Innovation/Electronics), Sabine Stelzel (Clerk Product Management).

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