GEALAN-LINEAR®: the market launch of an advanced, versatile profile system


GEALAN Fenster-Systeme has the foundation for contemporary window and door systems on hand: its innovative GEALAN-LINEAR® profile system has now been released. Its modern design gets top marks: clear-cut, linear and with no frills. It’s also narrow in its elevations and enables lots of light to enter your interior spaces. In addition, GEALAN’s new 74 mm all-rounder has everything that architects, window manufacturers, builders and renovators expect from a contemporary and reliable system.

GEALAN’s new GEALAN-LINEAR® PVC profile system is here – and already suggests right away: this new GEALAN system is in a class of its own.

Visually, GEALAN-LINEAR® is ideally suited to the latest construction trends. Its appearance is clear-cut, angular and uncompromisingly modern. GEALAN-LINEAR®’s clear-cut design has a refreshingly timeless effect and is in keeping with contemporary architectural language. Its external appearance is consistently reinforced internally: in rooms, matching glazing strips and distinct lines for the sashes form an equally striking linear counterpart to the facade.

GEALAN-Allrounder GEALAN-LINEAR®-Profilsystem

With its simple and straightforward design language, both externally and internally, GEALAN’s new all-rounder emphasizes its design features and thus clearly stands out from systems which use a traditional profile design. GEALAN-LINEAR® profiles also fulfil the desire for large glass surfaces and plenty of incoming light via their narrow-as-possible visible widths in every installation scenario.

Technically sophisticated and easy to process

But this new development in the 74 mm segment isn’t just contemporary in its angular, linear design. GEALAN-LINEAR® also impresses with technical details that guarantee outstanding impermeability, thermal insulation and both sound and burglary protection. This is made possible by its three continuous sealing levels and rebate seals on the frame and sash. The design of its third, central sealing level is innovative. GEALAN-LINEAR® thus comes as a high-performance central sealing system based on a narrow construction depth of 74 mm.


Despite all its technical finesse, GEALAN-LINEAR® remains easy to process at all times and also has universal applications. “We designed this system with a customer’s needs in mind”, stresses Andre Wünsche, Division Manager for Product Management at GEALAN. “To that end, GEALAN-LINEAR® has been optimised to fit seamlessly into production processes.” GEALAN’s management spokesperson and Director of Sales, Marketing and System Development, Ivica Maurović, is delighted with the market launch of his company’s latest profile system: “Design, performance, production efficiency and the breadth of this system make GEALAN-LINEAR® unique.”

GEALAN-LINEAR® Fenster Profilsystem


For new buildings and renovations – homogenous design

In GEALAN-LINEAR®, the PVC system provider has brought a profile system onto the market that – with its clear-cut edges and straight lines – is both contemporary and timeless. Its minimalist look owing to its narrow profiles suits always and everywhere:  whether new construction or renovation – GEALAN-LINEAR® is a perfect fit, thanks to its linear glazing strips as well. With its construction depth of 74 mm, the system is ideally suited for both new construction and renovation projects.


This is because a uniform look was also taken into account in GEALAN-LINEAR®’s development: in addition to window profiles for every installation scenario, GEALAN offers matching house and patio door systems. Sliding solutions in GEALAN-LINEAR® design are also included: a visually matching sliding sash is available in the GEALAN-SMOOVIO® system. Not fragmentary then, and no compromises made when it comes to appearance either – its design is homogenous.

Excellent performance characteristics, versatility and contemporary design thus make GEALAN-LINEAR® an all-rounder with a very wide range of applications.

Sustainable and designed with the environment in mind

GEALAN has been demonstrably committed to sustainable building products for decades. Its innovative GEALAN-LINEAR® profile system fits seamlessly into this line of tried and tested, environmentally friendly (because more recyclable) material concepts for PVC windows. In addition, GEALAN-LINEAR® can be quickly processed and easily stored by window manufacturers. Innovative profile designs – and intelligent detailed solutions in the case of accessories – make this possible. High compatibility within the system, but also with other GEALAN systems, reduces the amount of profiles, accessories and stiffeners required. The new system thus impresses in terms of cost-effectiveness as well, and at the same time conserves resources.

All of the persuasive arguments in favour of GEALAN-LINEAR® are summarised once again in the accompanying press release.

GEALAN-LINEAR® - Modernes Fensterprofilsystem

Market launch paved by pilot customer project

In recent months, a so-called pilot customer project has not just paved the way for GEALAN to start selling its new 74 mm system in a particularly sophisticated fashion, but GEALAN’s partners as well. What was new about this? For the first time, GEALAN went through the standard market launch process together with over 40 pilot customers across 15 countries.

The phase in which a customer had to deal with GEALAN-LINEAR® and integrate it into their processes was brought forward. In our pilot customer project, this meant: instead of fully implementing the new products, designing and building tools, ramping up stocks for profiles and accessory items and preparing accompanying communication and marketing campaigns – and only launching GEALAN-LINEAR® on the market afterwards – this time we didn’t wait until every component was fully available. Instead, a soft transition was designed together with our partners. A challenging but fruitful interaction across company boundaries.

Find out more about the GEALAN-LINEAR® pilot customer project in the accompanying press release.

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