A precise fresh air supply

The GEALAN-CAIRE® AERECO ventilation system is a demand-controlled supply air element that can be mounted on the frame, on an extension or on a sash profile.

Benefits at a glance

Saving energy

GEALAN-CAIRE® AERECO ventilation systems help you to save energy, as energy loss through open windows is reduced.

Health protection

Fresh air day and night in your house – GEALAN-CAIRE® AERECO ventilation systems ensure a fresh air supply suited to your requirements in your flat or house.

Moisture protection

Don’t give mould spores, bacteria or mites a chance: GEALAN-CAIRE® AERECO ventilation systems remove excess moisture in a controlled manner.

Noise protection

For increased sound insulation requirements, the GEALAN-CAIRE® AERECO fan series offers special acoustic base plates that improve sound insulation performance.


Your living spaces – ventilated using GEALAN-CAIRE® AERECO – are safe and protected against burglary, as traditional window ventilation is minimised.

Autonomous operation

The humidity sensor responds to humidity in your room and thus controls the inflow of fresh air according to your requirements. The humidity sensor works mechanically, requires no power and is maintenance-free.

Humidity sensors ensure optimised air exchange

Automatic and energy-efficient

GEALAN-CAIRE® AERECO ventilates rooms exactly as required. The supply air volume flow is controlled automatically and independently of the operator via a mechanical humidity sensor. This ensures safe room dehumidification. A power supply is not required. GEALAN’s decentralised, passive fan can exchange an air volume of up to 32.1 m³/h.


GEALAN-CAIRE® AERECO fans are directly integrated into the window. They can be optionally mounted at the frame, in frame extensions, or directly in the sash profile on the window.


GEALAN-CAIRE® AERECO can also be used as an outdoor air passage without any problems, whether in conjunction with shaft ventilation or exhaust air systems. For increased sound insulation requirements, the GEALAN-CAIRE® AERECO fan series offers special acoustic base plates that improve sound insulation performance. Using GEALAN fans, sound insulation of up to 47 dB according to Dn, e,w is possible.


If you want to match the colour of our fans to the inside or outside of your window: The GEALAN-CAIRE® AERECO system is optionally available in numerous RAL colour shades.

Our service for you

Sophisticated ventilation concepts

Create ventilation concepts and room-related ventilation plans according to DIN 1946-6 for your projects using GEALAN’s Planner software 2.0 ventilation tool.

Digital window planning

Complete your window planning with GEALAN-CAIRE® AERECO products using Planner software 2.0.

Professional training sessions

Take advantage of target group-oriented training sessions on the topic of ventilation by the GEALAN ACADEMY.

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