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A high level of room comfort starts with fresh air for breathing and is an important factor for a healthy home. The new GEALAN-CAIRE® ventilations systems provide the best room air quality and improve the living atmosphere.


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Classic window ventilation alone no longer meets today's ventilation standards. GEALAN takes care of the air in your home, because GEALAN-CAIRE® ventilation systems take care of ventilation in a way that creates a healthy, comfortable indoor climate without you having to think about ventilation. Depending on whether you want to ventilate small or large rooms, install ventilation in existing or new buildings: With decentralised systems, GEALAN-CAIRE® offers you the right solution for your individual needs - well thought-out, powerful and energy-efficient.

Ventilate to suit your needs

GEALAN-CAIRE® flex passive ventilation

The GEALAN-CAIRE® flex passive ventilation system is based on pressure equalisation between indoor and outdoor air and can be compactly and inconspicuously mounted in the window rebate. It ensures permanent basic ventilation, prevents mould and works independently.

Small. Invisible. Flexible.


GEALAN-CAIRE® ventilates rooms exactly as required. As a passive ventilation solution, GEALAN-CAIRE® AERECO uses the pressure equalisation between indoor and outdoor air. In addition, the supply air volume flow – i.e. the amount of air that can flow out or in through the fan unit – is automatically controlled and adjusted to the humidity load in the room independently of the operator via a mechanical humidity sensor. This ensures safe room dehumidification. A power supply is not required.


Smart. Powerful. Practical.

GEALAN-CAIRE® smart active ventilation

GEALAN-CAIRE® smart is an active ventilation system with sensors that test the quality of the room air and an option to connect to your smart home system. The installed fans and an efficient heat recovery system make the solution ideal for medium-sized and larger living areas.

Assistance with ventilation planning and implementation

We would be happy to help you plan and test your ventilation concepts, as well as to find the right product design when it comes to the sound insulation and air volume required for your individual building project.

At your request, we can draw up individual and detailed product presentations for all groups involved in the project. Get in touch with us! We provide our personal consulting services in both German and English.


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