Why a good threshold is important and what to look for when choosing

Thresholds are usually not an element of the building that you pay much attention to. Visually, they merely mark a dividing line between inside and outside. But that's not the only function of thresholds. They cover butt joints and serve as a lower stop for the door leaf. In addition, sleepers help with thermal insulation, driving rain and windproofness, and noise reduction. These are all aspects that are important for a homely, safe and comfortable living atmosphere. In the following sections, you can read about everything you need to consider in terms of speed bumps and accessibility.

Link between interior and exterior space

What is the purpose of a doorstep?

No matter which variant you choose, the primary purpose of a threshold is to separate rooms from each other. The threshold of a front door separates the living space from the area of the property outside the house, the threshold of a balcony or patio door separates the garden from the lounges.

Each threshold is the connecting piece between the lateral, vertical parts of a door frame. The sleepers differ fundamentally according to their product properties such as material, appearance, height, thermal insulation or impermeability, for example against draughts or driving rain.

In both new buildings and renovation projects, the aspect of accessibility is increasingly coming into focus. This means that floor-level door thresholds, which simplify the transition between inside and outside , are considered from the very beginning of the planning phase and implemented during the construction phase.

Bodengleiche Türschwelle am Hauseingang

Why is a good threshold important? What distinguishes them?

A threshold not only for the front door

When you think of thresholds, the front door threshold probably comes to mind. If you cross them from the outside in bad weather such as rain, snow or strong winds, you will find yourself in your warm, cozy home. The front door with its threshold marks a transition, so to speak, which protects the interior of the building from the penetration of moisture, draughts or noise. In addition, the ideal combination of door and threshold, with its properties such as watertightness and optimal insulating properties, ensures that the heat stays where you want to keep it, namely in the interior. 

GEALAN offers door sills that not only fit on the front door, but also on the balcony or patio door. This means that switching between outside and inside is effortless and safe at any point in the house.

Well thought-out barrier-free solution

To ensure that entry and exit at the front door is just as easy as at the balcony or patio door , well thought-out threshold solutions such as those offered by GEALAN are required.

Ideally, these are not only slip-resistant for installation, but also offer unrestricted accessibility throughout the building. With floor-level front door, patio door and balcony door thresholds, such as those found in our product range, you successfully avoid tripping hazards and instead offer ground-level, comfortable access from the outside to the interior and vice versa.

Why is it ideal to build barrier-free?

Contemporary transitions for the future

Low thresholds are currently the standard. However, due to its clear advantages, the floor-level comfort threshold is also increasingly coming into focus among private builders.

There are many reasons for this. The focus is on sustainable construction. In this context, this means thinking about one's own future when building a house or renovating at a younger age. By incorporating sustainable transitions into your planning and implementation today, you create a building that enables safe movement for everyone.

In the best case, you will still be able to live in your usual home in 20, 30, 40 or even 50 years, even if you are no longer quite as sure-footed or are dependent on the help of crutches, walking sticks or a walker. 

Uncomplicated exercise at any age

And it is not only in old age that a physical impairment can occur. For people who are already limited in their mobility or physical capacity, every speed bump can be a potential tripping hazard. You should therefore avoid this risk and keep your thresholds low or level with the floor so that you can move from room to room without effort and without worry.

Increased comfort

Regardless of your age or physical condition, ground-level threshold solutions such as the floor-level product variant GEALAN-COMFORT® are simply more comfortable and convenient. You don't have to think about exaltation when you make the transition, but you can focus your thoughts on more important things. For families, the advantage is that even the youngest are not exposed to tripping hazards, as long as they train their surefootedness.

Sophisticated aesthetics

In particular, the barrier-free GEALAN-COMFORT® threshold offers not only practical advantages, but also a decisive visual one. The smooth transition without a visible threshold results in an aesthetically enormously sophisticated solution that makes your four walls more elegant and homely at the same time.

barrierefreie Zugänge
[Floor-level thresholds as standard in modern living spaces]

Modern sleepers from GEALAN

There are two types of modern sleepers for you to choose from in our offer. On the one hand, home builders and renovators will find the tried-and-tested standard threshold in their range, and on the other hand, the new GEALAN-COMFORT® product solution impresses with absolute accessibility and excellent thermal insulation values, which help to reduce their heating costs.

In any case, one of the two door thresholds in the GEALAN product portfolio is the right choice for your construction project.

As can be seen in the overview, the two variants differ primarily in terms of height, system compatibility, comfort and appearance.

  Standard threshold GEALAN-COMFORT® 
Height 20 mm 0 mm
Availability suitable for all GEALAN systems with 74 mm and 82.5 mm installation depth suitable for all frame variants of the S 9000 system platform
Transport safety From transport to installation, the threshold is protected with a protective film. This prevents damage such as scratches and thus saves time and nerves.
Thermal insulation
  • Excellent insulation values that keep the heat inside the building
  • Prevention of the formation of condensation
Comfort Easy transfer due to low overall height Convenient, ground-level access due to level ground
Stability Solid bond between the PVC and aluminum parts
Optics High-quality optics due to stable design with low installation depth Aesthetically sophisticated due to the flowing transition

Due to the unbeatable comfort of the level-level threshold and the attractive appearance, GEALAN-COMFORT® is even more convincing than the tried-and-tested standard threshold.

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