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The service for GEALAN partners

Benefits of precise information

From the product guide to the finished window

GEALAN offers window manufacturers a comprehensive range of services to enable them to provide existing and prospective customers with information about specific properties of windows quickly and efficiently. Here is just an example of what you will find in the download area as a GEALAN partner:
  • Product information
  • Partner information
  • Subsidies
  • U value calculator
  • Sales guidelines
  • Marketing materials

Exploit the benefits of partnership


As a registered partner you get access to up-to-date product information and detailed planning resources. Log in or register to be able to download protected content.

GEALAN Quality Certificate

Our quality standard applies not only at GEALAN itself, but also for our processors. This means that we give our customers specifications relating to window production and how to handle profiles, such as the best ways to drain, vent, brace, and store profiles. During regular quality checks, we review compliance with these quality specifications and award qualified window construction companies our GEALAN Qualitäts-Zertifikat (GEALAN Quality Certificate, GQZ) – because the premium nature of GEALAN products does not end at profile manufacture, but only when the high-quality window is fully installed!



GEALAN's ordering and information system

Welcome to the GEALAN eShop, the electronic ordering and information system from GEALAN. Now GEALAN customers can get online information about available profiles and accessories, submit orders in real time and check the status of open orders.
Customers can log in practically any time, from any computer with an Internet connection. Whether at home, in the office or on the road, customers can keep an eye on their orders at GEALAN and even update them.

Everything in one place

All information about the complete product range is available online in the GEALAN eShop – from individual gaskets to complete window systems, from the wood grain decors to the GEALAN-acrylcolor® colours – as well as the most important details about each and every article. These include material and colour, appearance, unit size and package size, system compatibility and alternative products.
The system is easy for even beginners to use. Clients can quickly and comfortably browse though all offered articles and put the desired items in their shopping cart. The chosen articles are saved there until the order is completed. This method lets the customer combine job orders, thus fulfilling minimum order size and/or saving on shipping charges.
With just one click, all open and completed orders can be viewed and their current status checked. Customers can also make their own "favourites" lists for quick access to popular articles. They can then quickly choose the desired product without having to search the system or browse though the categories, and simply add it to their shopping cart.

Faster, simpler, more direct


Paperless ordering provides other benefits as well. Since the ordering and information system is connected directly to GEALAN's internal system, the data is instantaneously transferred. Communication between customer and supplier is faster and more direct than ever before. The chances of mistakes during the order process are reduced, as the customer completes his order himself. Reversed numerals or other potential errors that could occur when processing an order by fax or telephone are prevented.
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