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Strong selling points for GEALAN profiles

Protection and security are basic human needs. Do you want to feel secure within your own four walls? Then don't leave anything to chance. Your motto should be "trust is good, but control is better". Insist on burglary-resistant window designs since half of all burglars get in through the window, not the door. They simply lever out the window in a matter of seconds. Stop them in their tracks by choosing burglary-resistant windows. Windows made from GEALAN profiles provide an impressive level of security thanks to their installation depth, material strength, additional barriers and secure hardware in the frame and sash. Just to be safe, we put our windows through their paces. An authorised testing institute certifies that our windows offer security for the different opening mechanisms, designs, and applications. So you can be sure.


Resistance classes RC 2 / RC 2 N

Protection against opportunistic burglars

Windows from resistance classes RC 2 and RC 2 N offer protection against break-in attempts by opportunistic burglars using simple tools like large screwdrivers, pliers and cotters. While there are no stipulations about glazing standards for the RC 2 N class as yet, the glazing for RC 2 – which is equivalent to the old resistance class WK 2 that was valid until 2011 – and above must conform to EN 356. The two resistance classes are particularly recommended for ground-floor windows and windows in basements that are not immediately visible from the outside.

Burglar-resistant profile systems

S 9000 plus system with robust central seal

Most burglaries are committed by removing windows – the intruder inserts a screwdriver between the frame and the sash. The new central sealing dome of the S 9000 plus system makes life considerably more difficult for burglars.

The S 9000 plus is the new central sealing system within the S 9000 profile system family, with a robust web in the window rebate. This central sealing web effectively protects the window system’s mechanical parts from external influences.


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